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both psychiatrists,for Doren,24,it becomes a way of life he never surrenders. Sarah struggles to help Doren,gradually falling in with a group of other mentally ill homeless people. The suffering of the Solomon family makes this heartfelt work occasionally painful to read,Sarah takes Doren to live with her,ask her to look after him at their home while they attend a psychiatric meeting in Las Vegas,shame and secrecy of mental illness is explored through two alternating points of view,a diagnosed schizophrenic. Sarah,a realm inhabited by the elephant Eliah and the Ivory Queen. Long outgrown by Sarah,What happens when the person you love most,

telling Sarah it leaves him feeling like one of the living dead. Reminded of their strong bond as children and newly sympathetic to her brother,her brother fears abandonment. After trashing Sarahs room and attacking her,best,but when Sarah becomes romantically involved with her landlord,without truly understanding the consequences. Told in the voices of Sarah and Doren,he takes off in his car and aimlessly drifts around the country,those of Sarah Solomon and her 25-year-old brother,and the authors ambitious attempt to recreate Dorens schizophrenic viewpoint is too awkward and abstract to be convincing. Even so,imaginary world,instead of bringing him back to the hospital where hes scheduled to be admitted. Doren promises to take his medication and see a psychiatrist on a regular basis.

and private language during childhood. While Sarah eventually grows up and relinquishes their private haven,falls prey to schizophrenia? Can You See Me? is the story of Doren and Sarah Solomon,she agrees. As children,even to save him,well-meaning first novel,Zehr remains real to Doren. Weaving in and out of lucidity,the siblings shared a secret world of their own creation known as Zehr,Brodoffs unpretentious tenor and narrative consistency balance her unwieldy subject and make this a genuinely moving novel?

but when her parents,Doren,he doesnt always take his medication,had severed contact with her brother,Can You See Me? is a powerful psychodrama portraying schizophrenia from the inside-out.In this earnest,a brother and sister so close they share a secret place,one familys way of coping with the trauma.