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including fiction and nonfiction novelsPeople Who Disappeared MysteriouslyDocumentaries About Unsolved MysteriesThe Greatest Mystery Authors and WritersThe Greatest Mystery Films Ever MadeMystery Movies That Arent About DetectivesThe best mystery authors get readers hooked into the stories and expect to be mentally challenged throughout the story. But who is the best mystery author of them all?Mysterious Stories of Plane CrashesThe Greatest Whodunit Mystery Filmssuch as Stephen King or John Grisham.TV Detectives Who Can Solve Any MysteryLists about real and fictional mysteries and the people who solved themor at least tried to.Best Mystery Films Streaming on NetflixList of writers of mystery novels,RankedList of the best mystery authors that include the novelists,poets and movie script writers. The list features the writer of the famouscharacters of Sherlock Holmesand writers such as Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Allan Poe that have been household names. It also includes more contemporary mystery writers that may border on horror and crime fiction,Movie Detectives Who Took a Little Too LongCases Closed by Unsolved MysteriesNotably Suspicious Political DeathsReal Mysteries Solved by JournalistsVote on your favorite author on the list or add your own to the pile if they are not mentioned.The Strangest Mysteries Ever SolvedThe Very Best Detective Anime SeriesEvery Sherlock Holmes Story,