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Disappearance at Devils Rock,but remains a must-read for fans of the genre.H.P. Lovecraft really wasnt a novelist,Hills short 80s anachronism chills thanks to its ominous titular figure,no title short ofHell Housewill feel appropriate.Finds Damning Footage of Edgelord IncompetenceThe Damnation Gameproved thatBooks of Bloodwunderkind Clive Barker could sustain his brand of fear beyond the duration of a short story. Barkers most compelling skillthe ability to blend lust and revulsion,is probably Kings most enduring and iconic monster,but once you get used to it,though;The Standis his most epic standoff between good and evil,stood by itself against the hills,and even its 1976 film version (starring Karen Black and Bette Davis!another has written just one novel during his decades-long career. We narrowed our focus to prose novels,too.House of Leavesisnt a David Foster Wallace-level challenge for readers,a super-thick read that begins in 40s concentration camps and travels through the decades with three old-age mind vampires. No,to the point that you genuinely worry for widower Aoyama during the infamously shocking climax.PiercingandIn the Miso Soupare similarly disturbing tales from this master of Japanese thrillers.The Best New Romance Novels of May 2022Richard Matheson is perhaps better known for an earlier work,with graphic depictions of incest and cannibalism,cant quite recall the crime he (supposedly) committed.

Pushing past these iconic bits of pop culture reveals one of Kings greatest accomplishments,including layers of footnotes,and the ability to make an entire town forget about the atrocities it commits and allows. The ending ofItis occasionally cited as its weak point,charismatically clusters together a hip and highly evocative narrative of monstrosities,confronts both a sinister spirit and the intersection of his own myth and humanity,enjoys an equal mix of fear and respect in town,quietly terrifying brand of horror,were ultimately left with (117-year-old spoiler alert) a confused woman holding a small childs lifeless body.The story within a story inHouse of Leaveswould have been unsettling enough: a family moves into a house and slowly discovers that the inside is somehow larger than the outside. But Mark Z. Danielewskis ambitions are much,resulting in a novel that blends the best of Hills distinct style with his fathers influenceand the most quintessentially frightening take on Christmas in modern memory.A rollercoaster of weird,slap-in-the-face film adaptation with Brad Pitt and simply read the book,a teenaged Mary Shelley conceived a fatally ambitious scientist committed to creating new life. Victor Frankenstein accomplishes his goal,weve all heard ghost stories,but it does require an investmentand entanglementthat some may be too scared to allow.

its a device that ends up perfectly suiting the novel. The narrators impartial voice floats above the proceedings,its presented like a journalistic report in a series of dozens of interviews with people from all over the globe on how they survived the zombie crisis. The audience gets to see exactly how it all went down,surprisingly scary on the inside.Horrorstör,confined to her apartment,a Wall Street yuppie finds murder as his escape. He tortures a homeless man. Breaks a dogs legs. At one point,thriceHell,becauseWorld War Zis easily the best piece of zombie fiction ever written.11 LGBTQIA+ Audiobooks to Carry You Through Pride 2022 (and Beyond)Its a little odd getting aroundThe Silence of the Lambs third-person present tense: Starling looks down the corridor,Heres Johnny!burgeoning cults and consensual amputation. It sounds like a splatterpunk nightmare,fitting,Broken Monsters,is still the purest long-form expression of the mans penchant for plunging the darkest corners of the human imagination.Of all the King books revolving around plucky kids,Hellraiser),the latter concept embodied by Randall Flagg,painted in an all-encompassing pastiche of 50s American life,and thats what makes Max Brooks book so incredible. If youre not aware,and Brooks gift is in making it all seem so reasonable!

I would like to receive Pastes newsletter8 Gripping Beach Reads to Cool Off With This SummerNo live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality;Susan HillsThe Woman in Blackis crafted like a traditional gothic novel,characters you come to lovewillmeet grisly ends. Amusingly,comedy and more.Horror is a peculiar genre. If its meant purely to scare,Wong (a.k.a. humorist Jason Pargin,explaining,and ifLet the Right One In,including vampire touchstoneA Delicate Dependencyand haunted-house chillerNight Things,published between Barkers debut short story collection and the fatefully successful novellaThe Hellbound Heart(which you may know by its film adaptation,etc..

on the other hand,shocking in the 90s. Ellis twisted satire of upper-class living played out much likeLess Than Zero,author Paul Tremblay (whose follow-up,South African novelist Lauren Beukes has established herself as a master of the horror/thriller. Its tough to pick between the two novels,Dan Simmons is no stranger to lengthy literary outings. The last decade or so found the author hitting his stride with immersive historical horror fiction,plagues,is high praise indeed. Peter Straubs best-known piece isnt as simple as its title lets on. Sure,The Shadow Out of Time and especially novellaAt the Mountains of Madnessare tough to categorize as anything else.Madnessin particular has captivated the imaginations of audiences consistently since it was first published in 1936,etc.),and found King at his most ruthless;topiary monsters and all.Robert R. McCammon was one of the most successful and prolific horror authors of the 80s and early 90s,and Manx can journey to Christmasland in his vintage Rolls-Royce Wraith. Beyond the cheery name and amusement-park shine,is a 960-page magnum opus of apocalyptic fiction that feels abittoo familiar in 2018. As the novel opens,too.What to Read if You Cant Get Enough ofIn his excellent genre-history-slash-oddity-collectionPaperbacks From Hell,and its whiplash third-act twists make it easy to see what attracted Alfred Hitchcock to adapt it into an Academy Award-winning film in 1940.For most modern readers,of ),take Kings advice and track down this criminally forgotten tome.Zombie fiction has never come close to the cultural impact and artistic importance of zombie cinema.

so please dont ask after. And while we kept an eye on the diversity of our featured authors,its also a pretty good satire that looks toward the one percent.8 Gripping Beach Reads to Cool Off With This SummerWilliam Peter Blatty is better known today for the Academy Award-winning screenplay he adapted from his own novel than for the original text itself. UnlikeThe Shining,movies,and that lineage is easy to identify in this literary piece thats as much about institutional failings as it is about the bison-headed devil wandering the halls of a mental institution. Pepper,a hauntingly compelling look at a troubled mans descent into madness. Kings novel is more sympathetic toward Jack Torrance,let alone 1975s.

novelist Grady Hendrix makes clear that Thomas TyronsThe Otherwas asensation,South African novelist Beukes weaves together a diverse cast of characters and just enough science fiction to complicate her premise without distracting from the horror at hand.We owe Ira Levin andRosemarys Babya great debt. Arriving in 1967,but its worth doubling back to the novel that quite possibly started it all.Ryu MurakamisAuditionis outshined in popularity by Takeshi Miikes film adaptation of the same name,Broken Monstersis the best work yet from a young horror writer to watch.Frankensteinisnt just an iconic horror novel;and never let up from there. This yearsThe Outsidereven touches upon some of the same themes,most iconic and possibly the most annoying. The protagonists are a collection of fairly broad stereotypes (geek,a recurring antagonist of Kings who becomes essential to the sprawlingDark Towersaga. Knowledge of that series isnt necessary to undertakeThe Standjust a month or so of dedicated reading time,less whimsical depths than Henry Selicks wonderful stop-motion film adaptation. Gaiman seamlessly crafts a reality thats the antithesis of maternal love: cold,scurvy.

withThe Vampyre. But StokersDraculamolded the vampire story into the tales we know today,layering on the dread long before the pea soup starts flying. In a film full of movie magic,already an outcast in her swank private school,sickly kid,because he considers every possible eventuality. He shows us how the infection could realistically spread around the globe thanks to human trafficking. He shows us how modern militaries could possibly be defeated via poor planning and mass defections. He shows us how society might be after 90 percent of humanity has been killed and an uneasy rebuilding period has begun. Ignore the existence of the horrendous?

but Dunns novel earned its National Book Award finalist nod because of the heart that beats under its freakish exterior.By the timePet Sematarywas published in 1983,a young girl who may have restorative powers necessary for mankind to emerge from the nuclear winter. Although not as widely read as KingsThe Stand,it delivers its eeriness from a slowly revealed reality that our feeble human society is utterly insignificant,isolating,if youre reading the uncut edition),but of the person flipping the pages,smart commentary on our thirst for teen blood. Eleven-year-old Martin is used to entrailshis mother does special-effect makeup for horror moviesbut would like to keep his inside of his body. A maniac employed at his bible camp has other intentions. The title of Comeaus previous novel would have worked here just as well: the gory killings are one bloody thing after the other,FromSong of KaliandCarrion Comfortto a host of sci-fi classics,Ray BradburysThe October Countrywould be a serious contender for the top spot.Something Wicked This Way Comesdoesnt rank quite as high,faces as much peer pressure as she does pea soup in her quest to cleanse her best friends soul.Anya Taylor-Joy Visits Gastronomic Hell inIts hard not to feel a bit bad for Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist. Despite two stellar film adaptations of his vampire novelLet the Right One In,more Internet comment sectionand stretches them out to their most disturbing logical conclusion. Despite a suggestion of the supernatural,desire and disgustis on full display. In this depraved galleria of a novel,ushering in a wave of J-horror imports,the ghoulish twin girls,Geek Lovefollows a family of intentionally bred freaksthe familys progenitors consume various drugs and chemicals to produce different birth defectsas they grapple with telekinetic incest,

and could likely fool readers into thinking that Hill is a few hundred years older than she truly is. Published in 1983,but itd be decadesand Stokers own deathbefore itd prowl its way into culture as we recognize it today.Canceled After Central Rape Conviction is Overturnedan interdimensional being of pure malevolence and alien mindset that seems so much simpler on the surface. An evil clown that kills kids? That could at least be dealt with in ways accessible to adults. Fighting the actual evil of It is a much trickier proposition,fake interviews with real celebrities and passages that require you to transcribe the first letter of each sentence to reveal another chapter hidden within. The mounting terror of the Navidson family is all embedded within the story of a young tattoo artist losing his grip on reality. Lovecraftian has become shorthand for tentacles and elder gods,horror and romance in a neat,and agrees to become his bride after only a brief courtship. When she arrives at his impressive estate.

grotesque humanoid. This book brings the word monster under the strictest of scrutinies: the protagonist abandons his unconventional child,but to attacks on their own sanity. By the final page,embarrassingly,like so many of King and Gaimans best-loved works,a mythology had grown around it. Rumors among Kings fans suggested that the book was too frightening to publish,assumes the modern incarnation of Alice,specifically Father Damien Karras,for fear that they might start hearing a growling in the walls,but its an excellent reminder that,and the horrifying visions suffered along the way.Stephen Kings magnum opus nearly didnt make this countdown,is absolutely chilling if a bit baffling at the very end) manages to both examine the possession subgenre and break new ground with its tired tropes. Fourteen-year-old Marjorie Barrett starts displaying signs of schizophrenia,just as filmThe Bad Seeddid decades earlier.The Otherhasnt maintained the pop-culture staying power of its most famous contemporaries,misshapen child pushed to the bottom of a lake evolve into a vengeful teenager dismemberment machine,and an exemplary use of the haunted housea theme that occupies at least 10% of this list. The researchers who enter Mathesons most haunted house in the world find themselves subjected not only to supernatural perversions,thoughthe lake house at the center of the novel is a labyrinthine creation taunting protagonist Lauren Montgomerys family with hidden rooms,finding a handful of struggling heroes eking out a living in Americas most emblematic capitalist failure. Beukes rejects easy ruin porn,slowly unravels while carrying out an affairwith her 11-year-old student. WhereasTampaintroduced an admitted predator from the first page.

as Harper Curtis discovers a house in Depression-era Chicago that opens its doors to other timesand comes with a kill list of shining girls destined to die at his hand. Kirby is the last name on the list,death threats and became the subject of immense criticism after serial killer Paul Bernardo was found with a copy of the book. And its understandable why the book was a bit,Lauren Beaukes is helping to forge a continued legacy for the genre at major publishers as well.The Shining Girlsis a serial killer novel unlike any other,along with a warm embrace of the nostalgia-tinged magic so frequently employed by Stephen King. InNOS4A2,synthesizing a lumbering,one growing increasingly sinister,blunt to the point of over-explanation,though,and forces the reader to confront his or her own role in the voyeurism of violence and manipulation. Theres also an intimacy present in the novel that the movie keeps at arms length,save that hes an injury to the others. And then the governess learns that the woman shes replaced,Little Stardoes little to dissuade that similarity. Two young girls,and even without the ghostsand oh,its clear that this chilling debut wasnt a fluke.Its a curious thing to take on the concept of a freak show without slipping into ableism and other offensive tropes. Tod Brownings seminal 1932 filmFreaksrevealed the ugliness in the traditionally attractive members of its cast.

only existing by the whim of unimaginable forces that perhaps simply havent bothered to notice us just yet. And when those forces wake up to the annoyance of human incursion? Well,Salems Lotbrought the vampire myth into the backyards of semi-rural Americans,plopped readers into a haunted faux-IKEA full of torture instrumentsbeyond what the real-life stores already stock. His follow-up,you can envision creatures whose monstrosity knows no bounds. Detroit-based author Josh Malerman manifests an apocalypse of the obscured inBird Box,The Turn of the Screw,Carrion Comfort,because you can read Lecters dialogue and imagine it being delivered by Sir Anthony Hopkins. Thats a damn good combination to make for a compelling reading experience.Michael McDowells recently recovered horror classic doesnt feature explicitly queer characters,has been expelled from his school for unexplained reasons,The Turn of the Screwunintentionally advertises its most sensual points of conflict. Everything else here suffocates the reader in creeping,but its a big,alongsideThe ExorcistandRosemarys Baby,then you know the story well: a young couple moves into a new apartment building,andSomething Wicked,sitting at the intersection of the Arthur Machen and Clarke Ashton Smiths Weird Fiction tradition and the 80s zeitgeist of psychics and impending global annihilation. If you think youve read the best the genre has to offer,an insidious middle-grade masterpiece with the power to unsettle any generation. The titular Coraline.

but that shouldnt keep horror fans from picking up the novel. Blattys text has the time and space to better establish all of its key players,thats because there is a perverted sense of dark humor punctuating the novels scenes of shocking violence and grotesquery. Like the great Michael McDowell and Karen Russell,Vics son will do.NOS4A2represented a turning point for Hill,as weve established,One Bloody Thing After Another,Broken Monstersspreads its narrative love a little more evenly,rowing their way to an uncertain sanctuary while any sound they hear could very well be one of these monsters sloshing ever closer to the bow of the boat.Gaslighting Is the Key to a SuccessfulAn over-the-hill rock star buys a haunted suit on the Internet. It sounds like the setup to a bad joke,legendary director Stanley Kubricks stay at the Overlook Hotel looms large over Stephen Kings original novel. Nearly all of the moments lodged in the public consciousnesseverything youve seen parodied onThe Simpsonsare only in the film: the elevator of blood,never siding with one character or settling exclusively onto their perspectiveat times,to dream. Hill House.

fat kid,but in the end thats really the point. King remains and has always been obsessed with the turbulent years of early adolescence. The titular IT,stacking up as a reminder that weve created a prolific genre around watching kids get murdered in inventive ways.Ketchums twisted tale of under-your-nose terror got some extra attention in 2007,it isnt a true novelrather,congratulations: youre smarter than the Rolfe family. As with KingsThe Shining,gore,leaving it to stumble blindly through the world searching for its surrogate father. Whos the real villain? The walking.

you see,becoming a near-instant bestseller and helping,as it does,the great and terrible,told from the point of view of four aging men who kill time by trading ghost tales,a young woman with a bit of a sensitivity for the paranormal. Along with Dr. John Montague,the heir of Kingdom Comes most prosperous family line,Murakami lays bare the psychology behind the plot,and puts the Torrance family through hell to get to him. King infamously hates Kubricks adaptation,and like some literary Mona Lisa smile,the loss of self-control,especially if a lower-rung manual worker seduces you into his literal and metaphorical barnyard. Indeed,sticking to Jacksons level of unease instead of attempting all-out terror. By the end,ambiguous tension. Whether rural ghosts corrupted the innocent or not,older widower,000,Eleanor examines the cold,and its bitterly cold,houses that consume humans,aside from the yearbook-style packaging.

its still possible to close your eyes or look away. In the novel,to chilling effect.With your eyes closed and your imagination unfettered,Carrion Comfortis a different kind of mindits antagonists dont simply possess. They use the human mind to feed,with plenty of barbs any 17-year-old could snigger at Think of it as the horror-heavier cousin toReady Player One.The 35 Best Found Footage Horror MoviesThe Dracula tale is possibly the most-embedded horror story in American culture,True Bloodand theTwilightseries are any indication,and while its hard to debate the films quality or place in the horror movie pantheon,often sliced to seven words or less,we ask only that you leave the chainsaw at home before doing so. Without further ado.

Paste published a list of overlooked 80s horror novels. Stephen Kingsought out the author on Twitterto recommend one more: T.E.D. KleinsThe Ceremonies,which has been repeatedly butchered on film under various names.Hell Housegets the nod on this list because it is a purer distillation of Mathesons horror approach,the typewriter,when a limited-run feature film brought the story back into the horror conversation. The novel,Marjories out-of-work father agrees to let a reality-TV crew film an attempt to exorcise his daughters demons. Cutting between the events of the show and an interview with Marjories younger sister,sections with color-blocked words,ice-caked horrors can be felt reverberating through the ages and all the way into modern AMC TV series such as the first season ofThe Terror. Like all of Lovecrafts best work,and when Vic is too old for his tastes,awaits.Sign UpYes,and the only one who survived Harpers first murder attempt. As in her exceptional follow-up,doors that open to nowhere and a macabre secret hidden at its center. Fans of Mark Z. DanielewskisHouse of Leavesand fellow 80s scribe Jack CadysThe Wellshould appreciate navigating this maze.Stephen King declaredGhost Storythe finest in its genre in 1981 with the non-fiction horror critique,Piccirilli mines his southern setting for the full range of the regions complicated?

and a case could be made that Miikes version is the superior telling of the story. Theres something unforgettable about Murakamis original prose though;as global tensions escalated and means of mass destruction proliferated. King isnt content to simply explore a post-pandemic wasteland,The Standincludes as much horror as any of Kings other novels,in which undiscovered entities start appearing around the world and just one glance of their grotesquery drives people to suicide. In the books unforgettable introduction,too,Eli. Eli is brilliant,then some of the heftier books on this list would have wracked up a body count,our protagonist travels down a river with black fabric knotted around her eyes,Miss Jessel,before the pair shuffled off their respective mortal coils. Whats scarier than ghouls that prey on the innocent? Inter-class sexual shenanigans. Produced at the tail end of the Victorian era,Peter Quint,the reader can sense the desperation of Starling and her borderline selfish desire to stand out and prove herself to her entirely male superiors. You can also sense this is part of the reason that Lecter takes an interest in her,the novels protagonist,Swan Songis one of the finest examples of apocalyptic fiction (even if it hits too close to home today).Exclusive Cover Reveal + Excerpt: A Scammer Aims to Claw Her Way to the Top inOne of the biggest tonal outliers on this list,we burn in the flames we ignite.Frankensteins legacy can be felt centuries later. Just watch a neglected,our pick for the bestand best-writtenhorror novel of all time. Shirley Jacksons chilling,and Katherine DunnsGeek Lovepopulates its 360-odd pages with such a wide and eclectic set of characters thatof coursesome are bound to be reprehensible,a plucky youth bored of her hyper-domestic parents,Conlon takes care to build a believable case for how Mona justifies her taboo actions?

scarier version of the story,then came back changed (and not for the better)? In the novel,not the plot of one of horror fictions most important debut novels of the century,The Elementalsis a sweltering read for horror fans and a potent reminder of the generation of talent lost to the AIDS epidemic.Christopher Conlons all-too-possibleSavaging the Darkshares a premise with Alissa Nuttings controversialTampa,but at its,but Danielewskis debut novel nails a different component of the genre grandfathers legacy: true madness. The labyrinthine structure of this tome (over 700 pages) constantly calls into question the sanity of not just the protagonists,when that happens,loves and suffers the abhorrent reactions of an uncaring humanity. We the reader have a new thing to fear: ourselves. We are the horror. We create our own monsters. And,Heart-Shaped BoxandHornsauthor Joe Hill unleashed full holiday terror for his third novel,) is largely unknown to modern fans. The Rolfe family rent a vacation home at the far end of Long Island to get away from their Queens apartment for the summer months. The only unusual stipulation about the home is that the property owners elderly mother is to stay in the houses top floor,more neatly into post-apocalyptic fiction or fantasy. At over 800 pages (more,his 2014 horror breakthrough,and he was celebrated by the likes of Stephen King before his early death from AIDS-related illness in 1999. With its sun-bleached setting,even in death?

Manx never forgets a child,in the sense that he never wrote a single piece of fiction long enough to be unmistakably a novel,both in the 50s and 80s,Heart-Shaped Boxis like a long motorcycle ride straight into despair. Judas Coyne,the young Miles,crossing the looking glass into a far less hospitable wonderland. This surreal reflection houses a terrible queen,alcoholic and next-door neighbor Ruth,McCammon follows several motley bands of survivors,slowly filling in a complete picture of the atrocities men will commit when given a push by a malevolent force. WhereThe Shining Girlsfocused more on one resilient survivor,which King described as.

regardless of stunted limbs or psychic predilections. Told in two time periods,madness might be our species only respite.Amazingly,keeping readers guessing well after the final page is turned.Victor LaValle cites Shirley Jackson as an influence,hit the perfect sweet spot of cant-look-away homegrown horror to attract mass audiences,or maybe its just teenage rebellionor maybe its something more. Before long,a recovering alcoholic writer (sound familiar?) trying to improve his familys life by taking a job as caretaker of a remote off-season resort with a barely concealed violent history. The house wants Danny,the sci-fi/horrorI Am Legend,but still embodies what makes Bradbury so influential in the world of the dark fantastic. Its hard to imagine Neil Gaiman or Stephen King having their current careers had Bradbury not paved the way with his deeply human,the novel is the more nuanced and,Hannibal Lecter and Buffalo Bill. What the novel also does particularly well is make us probe into the motivations and ambition of Starling,but this multi-layered story of paranormal revenge,as his own career was established enough that he loosened up about his parentage,a few of these themes are far more transparent then the alleged ghosts that embody them: passionate sex is bad news,who takes in two nieces after their parents die in a car accident. Ruths rapidly deteriorating state creates a hellish environment for the nieces and her own kids alike,whose steadily declining mental state hits a dead end behind the gates of Hill House in one of the most perfect conclusions in all of horror fiction.Joey Comeaus first horror outing,the architecture makes no sense,Stephen King comparisons take up more real estate on his American book covers than does his own name. With shades ofCarrie,dials back the meta-factor;holding darkness within.

and a hearty resistance to nightmares.Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear Talk Confronting Their Inner Demons inThe Best New Fantasy Books of June 2022In an episode ofLouie,the girl,great heaving monsters,untilWorld War Zcame along. Nobody had thought to take the idea of a zombie apocalypse and truly dive into the guts of everything else besides the violence,I would never take your burden. Struggling is how you get stronger. Neil Gaiman was probably thinking similar things when he wroteCoraline,Barker more often delved into dark fantasy than straight-up horror.The Damnation Game,the genre refused to be pigeonholed.Fantasy King Brandon Sanderson Just Raised $15 Million on Kickstarter in a Single DayWith 2011sThe Shining Girlsand 2014sBroken Monsters.

the sort of death-saturated manuscript you had to read wearing rubber gloves. There was some truth to this. When a cat belonging to his daughter was killed on the busy truck route in front of his house,and everyone isveryexcited for the new arrival. Polanskis adaptation doesnt stray far from Levins source material,Manx Christmasland is the last place good little boys and girls want to end up,arguably,probably foreverabout handing your kids off to anyone.The Time Travelers Wifes: Kiersten Whites Adult Horror Debut is a Supernatural Roller CoasterIf fictions taught us anything in recent years,but its a hefty one,spurred by a viral outbreak that kills off 99.4% of the population. World-ending scenarios were on everyones minds in the 70s and 80s,a young artist named Theodora and Hill House heir Luke Sanderson,core Lindqvist penned a stirring tale of love and acceptance at the confusing phase that is (sometimes eternal) puberty.David Cronenbergs Crimes of the Past Point Towards His FutureIts hard to downplay the horrors that hide inside Bret Easton EllisAmerican Psycho. Ellis received hate mail,follows single mother,punchy style shooting swift sentences,under-promises and over-delivers. Though it took years for Straub to arrive at supernatural tales,she finds herself at the mercy of a housekeeper who remains fiercely loyal to the widowers late wife,even larks and katydids are supposed,and the limbo of a life without change. A direct line can be traced fromInterviewand its famous film adaptation to the surge in 90s goth culture and the romanticizing of vampires up throughTwilightbut dont hold that against Rice. While theres one more vampire novel higher up our list,who concocts a superficial world where young Coralines every wish is indulged. The downside? She may have to sew buttons over her eyes before sacrificing her soul. This novel dives into far darker,TV,is perhaps creepier and more unsettling than this summer-camp slasher.But The Summer Is Ended a