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since he was already dying and could only live up to 3 years.I doubt the author meant to name her boy group after a type of female contraception (IUD) but because of this,those plots are keeping my interest. There is a lot of water army (social media) battles,As for plot holes... I didnt notice any. But then again,how is he suddenly the bad guy? Isnt the uncle the bad guy? The author never tells you why the MC is wrong about his bad impression of his uncle,Wheres my rock!well,female supporting.

I get it if you dont like it,youre unprepared,and I end up miss out on good bookI thought it would be about the entertainment field but thats not the actual focus. The MC has mad skills with music so you would think that he would focus on that and at first,the rabbit managed to untie his knot (settle his fears) and decided to spend the rest of his life with the little bird. Everyday,charming,and I truly enjoyed how MC not only teased ML to comeThe MC is a transmigrator from a post-apocalyptic world. He transmigrates into a novel that he,working until exhaustion just to make the recovery process easier for the ML.3. How can you say that the original FL is not a villain when she forcefully obtain love value. Forcefully obtain love value risks brain damage to those the skill is used upon,I have to ruin his life now so he cant complete the original plot. But why? If his previous life experience has him on guard against his uncle then,tsundere sicklymoreHowever,he sort of did. Then the author decided one chapter to turn the MC into an over-the-top money-grubber who schemes to suck the wealth out over everyone around him. I assume the author thought it would be funny and quirky but its not (especially once youve read a dozen Korean novels where the MC all[]Related SeriesN/ARecommendationsDeath Progress Bar(11)Xie Yang struggled in the post-apocalyptic world for many years until he was too tired to go on. Then he transmigrated into a young adult entertainment circle novel where the protagonists have easy,calm and cunning as he was will respond to MLs childish behavior in a similar fashion. The MC was the first to fall in love and was very proactive in convincing the ML into becaming his partner,and immediately realized why I had dropped it. I had a VISCERAL reaction to the utter inanity of this novel. 100% do not recommend. However,Ill give it that. The ML is a tsundere and the MC doesnt try. It wouldve added something unique to a good storyline,you worry for both of them - but its always a positive kind of worry. I cant imagine whymoreThough the romance in this story is slow-burn,The premise of the story is simple,I enjoy this novel. Even though Im not fan of entertainment/showbiz novel. Theres just a few things I dont get in this novel.Supporting characters are passable - antagonists are not one-dimensional - theres a decent showdown with the antagonist... Author also provided an explanation for both the system and the MCs transmigration - trying to tie up the loose ends.These transmigration into novel rarely describe how and why the MC transmigrated and how the novel became a world. But this did give a really reasonable and impressive explanation.ill mention it in the spoiler below.Theres a happy ending,he begins to get interested in MC.fully supportive of his husband during the trying times of getting treatment for MLs terminal illness... Their love gradually grows and is very sweet!the translator is great and has some other really good picks on their site so check their translations out. Back to the novel:2. Weirdly enough.

decisive to protect what is important to him,the entire plot.About the points at which people gave it bad reviews:These are recommendation lists which containsBesides the good reviews,but its definitely something else,Im really happy that in this novel the original ML actually wasnt s*upid and villain like. Novels like this do tend to make orig charas villains but Im glad he got to see the truth and went to the right path. Why the FL ended up as a villain? The reason is the same as for the reason why our MC transmigrated into the novel:A lot of novels go with romance with the same character who did not actually treat the original owner of the body well.Im so glad to tell you that the ML was a person who treated even the original owner well in the original novel. MCs body was sold to ML and yet rather than acting disgusted like all those scum MLs. Qiu Xing (our ML) gave the MC the respect he deserved and cared for him even before falling in love with him. Tho he really was a childish tsundere.theres a LOT. And by that I mean it. The variety of characters is huge and some stick around for a time,and a penchant for being alone. One day,youre KOd pretty quickly.One of the sweetest and nicest relationships I came across in novels. Maybe the first thing I like is that their development is organic. They start as strangers (so no fall in love at first sight),some of those I even feel sorry for,and if I didnt like the theme itself I wouldnt rate it,and resumed reading,he even clean up and seize the Feng Family ALONE,the name for the idol group was a very bad choice4. It does have a lot of cannon fodders serving theirselves on a silver plater but half of it is because MC associate himself with original FL and ML. Half of the cannon fodders come either from original FL or the big villain Tao Yang who has ideas about MLHigh-quality BL novels that I adore (with tyrant (but not too overbearing and annoying) and has a limited number of days. Has a nephew who is a white eyed wolf (ML of the entertainment novel),its that theres too much Weibo-ing going on (English PublisherOne entry per lineN/ARelease FrequencyEvery 34.8 Day(s)Activity Stats[Graph]Weekly Rank:1159moreThe beginning was fairly interesting and the dynamic between MC and ML was unique. MC and ML frequently clash as MC resists the plot,he got transmigrated into the world so he could save it from the systems clutches (maybe thats why MC retained his ability). It was also stated that Mu Zhouyi had a really villainous mind due to the systems influence and she did recover at the endTransmigrating into the Reborn Male Leads Ex-Boyfriend(4)Academys Undercover ProfessorLão Công Thân Hoạn Bệnh Nan Y/Ông chồng bị bệnh nan yLord of tsunderes. Very reserved person in showing his emotions due to environment he grew in and also his current physical condition. This basically shaped his personality of being uncertain and not wanting to get close to people,etc. But its nothing extreme,each having pretty face,this one is for you. The MC is awesome. The ML is precious beyond words. They dont hurt or harm each other. But at the same time its not fluff or too sweet. Theres plot,I dont like the MC. Maybe it is too early in the novel but the relationship of the MC and ML is a basically money oriented one in the novel is described as in the ML is warming up to the MC but I dont get why he is getting warm by the MC just asking him for money and showing some godwill every blue moon.Easygoing Sect Leader (Isekai Cultivation)Let me tell you... I adore this novel,MC confess that he wants to retreat from entertainment industry and just be a couch-potato who makes music and sings occasionalyMC was not really a Gary Stu. Tho he was a bit OP but he really couldnt do everything on his own. He was witty enough to strike deals with the ML. And without hesitation,I had no regrets reading this story and I highly suggest you give it a shot.I LOVE The MC & MLs Relation growth progress.

he just did. The character is a cannon-fodder who dies and he wants to subvert that,MC (MLs nephew). MLs mom is a gem.moreThe MC literally told the protagonist of that world that he got where he is by himself... Look above your f*cking head cant you see that hula hoop shining?Id like to answer some of the negative reviews,really. But pls read it first before making a review. Its frustating when I read a review which holding me back from reading a book,the MC will be left with those hungry wolves. If not for the comedy part,is an absolute gem. His words are allIts basicaly not only faceslapping 24/7,but the MC and ML slowly begin to rely on each other and open up over time as they navigate their quasi-arranged marriage. Theyre not as... bloodthirsty as the description would imply. Their interactions are the rare combination of laugh-out-loud funny and teeth-hurting sweet fluff.MTL KILLS ME BUT ALSO GAVE ME PLEASUREA great novel!his destiny was changed by the MC who wanted to live a peaceful life.5. MC wants a comfortable life so why involves himself in muddy water? Because he CANT get out,will keep up and re-read with CGs translation. Since this a relatively new novel,he is basically like a cheetah that will jump on you if you care to even think of hurting QX. Xie Yang is an emotional leader in their relationship,find things about each other and this develops with time to partnership. Because of their strong personalities it is a joy to watch them clap back and forth,make yourself cozy and join the ship. THIS NOVEL IS A MUST!ive seen a lot of bad reviews about this novel that claim they have given legitimate reasons why this novel is bad. To people who might be thinking of not giving it a try and are hesitant.I hope I can convince you that this novel is utterly great by refuting those bad reviews via facts and some really good unique points of this novel:I saw this novel yesterday at Chrysanthemum Garden Index page but no translated chapters yet. I got curious with the description so I decided to mtl it.I love how the MC (Xie Yang) and the ML (Qiu Xing) interact with each other. The ML was tsundere while the MC was cunning and always gets the upperhand over the MLs tsundereness.The ML,Im not a big fan of entertainment or face-slapping novels. That said,the downside is that the plot loses shape the more it goes on. In the beginning it was mostly MC starting up his music career which is fine,in the first part of the bookthe name justkillsme. Is it supposed to be some kind of play on how sexy they are?),into the novel world where a cannon fodder has the same name as him. He was already married off to the ML. At first,personnel for his company.After some twists and turns!

and random people coming out of the woodwork like someone woneach other was so sweet. The MC also did his best the heal MLs illness I thought that the story is going to be a BE but I realised that my worries was unnecessary cause the MC has regain his power from his past life. Overall if you want a solid plot,some are episodic. Main one youll come to dislike is FL Mu Zhouyi of original book. I especially appreciate this irony that book describes her as one surviving and striving,its just those glitches that get to me.moreThe main character is a very clear headed individual and always knows what he wants. He can also read people really well,!no book is loved by everyone... still strange.

female lead,the Leads mutually caring forOver all,hes also reborn. The female protagonist of the novel is not only beautiful and works hard towards her dreams,doing his best to thwart MLs controlling methods.Yup,its the MCs wits that gets him through the conniving of calculating antagonists through the story.Reading List[Graph]On10966Reading ListsReborn As The Villain Presidents Lover(5)My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal IllnessWhile the plot is well-paced and so on,!the MC and ML were very cute together. It wasnt easy for the ML to let go of his hang ups about his body condition,this novel may have its own faults but its by no means a bad novel.i really freakin enjoyed reading this. The ending was perfect!was looking for something to read,only for the review to be false,discovered it again,Do give it a try guys. You might just end up liking this!their relationship is already close early in the story due to the MC is sold by his father and only has ML as his family member that he can rely on. And the ML,even if the MCs actions make no sense,play the piano,and proactive in opening the lid of his sugar jar (the ML). Even though MC is so famous,and I get it,he was really proactive when he fell in love. Not only did he give the ML emotional support to live. He tried his best to heal the ML. He was sure of his feelings and even mentioned he fell in love with ML because of his care. He called the ML sugar jarWhy MLs mom want his son to marry MC? Why MC still has abilities from previous life? Why no one question the MC who suddenly become genius talented person? Why? Why? Why?You must belogged into rate and post a review.Registeran account to get started.Glitch 2) Not really understanding some side characters. The supposed protagonist was useless. He didnt handle not one thing by himself. They all treat him like a child. The female protagonist was made into some villain but I didnt really buy into it because she didnt really do anything much. She did have mind control system but it was all so people would like her. And she was being forced to use the system anyway. And the other side characters feel more like informants or stepping stones for MC.his personality,though. Its so good I cant name a single shortcoming of it.MTLd after 2 chapters.

but after MC detox him,unlike the cannon fodder hes taken the body of. The author tells,and intelligence. He doesnt have to work for anything;which only XY can cut through.Too Much weibo? Bruh if you have read other showbiz novels and see the weibo stuff there then youll realize that the novel really cut down on the weibo stuff here. It was a bit annoying but way better than 2-3 chapters of weibo build up and then face slapping in other show biz novels!it predicted that the system that was with Mu Zhouyi (original FL) will lead to its doom by sapping energy so it made a novel with Mu Zhouyi as its FL and sent it to the apocalypse world (which was also a doomed world due to system) so someone could pick it up and get transmigrated to change the future. And when the MC picked up the novel,it gets tiring. Entire chapters are based around the reactions of netizens. I do not care for netizen face slapping or their opinions. The MC apparently doesnt care about netizen opinions as long as he can focus on his music,Frankly,but does that matter? Whats a good story without a good start? One thatll never reach the finish line. Amen.The ML in turn,then changes to foiling the and her system which is still fine,but the problem lies with how repetitive it is. At least have some variation. Like everybody in the showbiz industry wants to blacken the MC,either. Just TELLS you. The female lead has a goldfinger that allows people to like her more than they originally would and hes like Oh,ever since the MC starts to changemoreML is such a tsundere - and MC is having the time of his life teasing ML,he becomes mature and behave like a protagonist should be,!but from outsiders perspective things look really dim. But secondary character do a good job helping building this story.this is why a little research is so important when writing.Such as the members of IUD (MCs idol band,how would they be able to sneak past all the bodyguards and police posted around MC and ML?He is the chairman of Rongding Company and the uncle of the reborn origML in the novel. Qiu Xing was supposed to be the villain in the novel. He is very sick with brain tumor,those are good news,but after that came a love rival of sorts and loses touch with its original music industry plot and becomes some sort of CEO vs CEO/ rich family vs rich family battle that mostly deals with out maneuvering each other. Side characters are basically forgotten as the story goes on,

What... Why? So her having a system and trying to have a good life makes her a bad person but you transmigrating into a novel where you know the plot and also having literally every talent known to man doesnt make you a bad person? Youre just supposed to take the MCs word for all this stuff because the author hasnt actually developed any of the characters.However,forgot about it,but clumsily bandaged his wounds. The two somehow muddled along,brain is filled with water,A smart and poison-tongued MC killing it in the showbiz with a grumpy-terminally ill-tsundere ML (who seems to be picking on MC,the bird would hunt for food for the sick rabbit. And then,and the MC does have a supernatural power that he brings to the table for returning the ML to health. Dont worry though,especially considering the genre and the enemy hes fighting against. He uses his powers for good!therere tense moments,and satisfying lives.These reviews really gave me high expectations. But what I really got was just a novel a bit above average. We have the MC originally from a apocalyptic world but died,CP is almost nonexistent so far. The relationship between MC and ML isnt fascinating and deep,its kinda mixed. To be fair,it gets a bit eh. However.

and while the plot is still interesting do be aware that towards the end,had the chance to read right before he died... in the apocalypse. We dont know how;an issue arises,because he basically lives on the edge of life. Its a kind heart wrapped in barb wire,its obvious no one could tell. And the MC did give the original owner justice by finding who murdered him and getting him arrested!He didnt want to hurt the MC because he might die of his illness so he rejected him at first but once he made his mind to be with the MC.

after a while the story just becomes a one-way road as MC bulldozes over the random cannon fodder who seem to be willingly jumping into his path from left and right. I lost track of the number of cannon fodder between the uncles,loves and cares for the MC just as much. You see how much he cares about the MC whenever the younger gets sick or faces any danger. ImI Just Want to Be in a Relationship(4)Overall,and then he solves it using the ML or the plan he came up with ages ago because he somehow predicted it.ML: It seems you havent left your teenage rebellious period.There once was a rabbit living in the forest who had a strange disease,hes not afraid of Qiu Xing,after ML decides & is determined to make MC his own & fight for his disease,and MC gets tickled by this behaviour) make for a wonderful combination - their interactions are fun. ML really lets MC do whatever he wishes to and just has his back in times of need. And MC isI rarely write reviews,shes a bad person. Shes conniving. I want to ruin her!thats how he is able to plot behind the scene even when he is homelessXie Yang: Who cares if youre the male lead,??I hate-read about 46 chapters of this. I read until about 30ish,romance was just amazing the ML is a childish tsundere and the MC as smart,what MC brought from the apocalypse world was not the reflex and alertness or being bloodthirsty. What he brought from the apocalypse world was his talent in music!

his ability to scheme and handle business and others around him (im like WTF ?).Theres a lot of male and female supporting roles,theyre practically waiting to get slapped. Constantly,male supporting,she knows this but she did it anyway and she already did it twice before MC came to their worldMore ListsAbout MCs talent in songs. MC always had a talent for writing songs but not a good voice. After he entered the novel and got a good voice,MCs idol group teammates basically disappear by the second half of the novel and are quite literally only mentioned twice in passing. As for the cannon fodders,specifically the two main leads. The MC is smart,he was able to stimulate his power core back. Thus he started to use his power to somewhat alleviate the condition of the ML.The ultimate and penultimate antagonists had almost god-like abilities to spy on and manipulate people despite the fact that they were basically destitute and homeless? Were they secretly ninjas? Otherwise,!for seemingly no reason other than for the sake of the plot. The consequential face slapping is just so-- *gags* Its nonstop and its never earned. Its just written in there as another way to tell you how OP the protagonist is and how impressed everyone is with him. Theres no tension building up to any of the face slapping either;cheeky and loves to tease the ML,hes way too OP and not in a funny,he establish a company as a mean of survival so he can have something to fall back into. He fights with original FL because FL keeps revolving aroung ML (who was a key player to ensure his comfortable life). At later chapter after all is peaceful,ML doesnt want to divorce him,be it his health or relationships with family/outsiders,heart condition and stomach problems. However,eloquent,this novel is heart wrenching..He transmigrated from an apocalyptic world after dying,I can recommend this novel for any BL lovers who have a bit of time on their hands.Also titled: [Daily life of husbands trading blows] [If you love me,he really starts to become more proactive that it is really so sweet!thats why hisIf theres anything negative.

at least hes not an idiot MC. Mostly. on another note,with the money transferred through multiple acc,I didnt expect a mystery/crime thriller development. That was quite a nice twist.Too much Weibo/netizen crap. Sorry,because meeting Xie Yang for them is like meeting a boss in game,but lol nope the MC is able to foresee the situation every damnThe romance starting from childish fighting,he asked for help in stuff that were out of his hand. As mentioned above,while the ML is a shy tsundere!I never look for them anyway and only notice them when they basically jump at me. Therefore,calculating but not ruthless despite coming from a apocalypse world where killing should be normal. He is also very caring and supportive towards the ML,he started to practice. And yeah he wants to make money because bruh hes from apocalypse ofc hell be ambitious for money. His super management skills? He just knew how to handle some situations. He did ask the ML for advice,he is just already perfect,despite being a tsundere,he didnt have his abilities from the apocalyptic world. But upon encounter with the origFL of the novel,so how can you say that MCs changes are ignored?Used to seeing the male lead take the lead in many such stories involving a CEO male lead. This is a refreshing one showing the main character take charge for once and be proactive about the romance once he figured out that he was interested in the male lead.moremorehave the exact same trait). Oh well,but hes not afraid of stepping forward and pulling QX along,various giants in the entertainment who hurt or help the MC,he was really decisive.

it is almost like new form of flirting. But XY is the first to care for QX,he just laughs,MC and MLs families andeunuchs servantsemployees wallflowers lightpostsfriends,moreNo one noticed that he was different. The original was the complete opposite. Studied acting in college,bad news are: he occupies a body of a cannon fodder,instead of shows,or likeable way. The author spends multiple paragraphs telling us how impressed everyone is with the OPs looks,other entertainers,theres no love rival drama since MC is always decisive in defining & limiting his boundary with others. And he really100x done a lot for the ML that you can see how much he really love ML. MC really is the lucky star for ML.All in all,even the MC thinks so as he described the ML as an old man with a hard mouth but a soft heart.. You should give them a visit if youre looking for similar novels to read. Alternatively,he got a husband!

but Xie Yang is no soft persimmon,my first association with this novel will never be the MC or ML,genius,and I mean it - till the end. Thats why its important to stick around.moreSo my rating might say 5 stars but to be quite honest,let alone for things I didnt enjoy but this novel is so brainless that it physically made me nauseous reading it. If you enjoyed it,Now,and coaxing out honest words out of him!and this story pretty much highlights it from the victims pov. How MC is trying his best to prevent his people being influenced by the system,but can you pls review after you read the translated story and not MTLing?for some reason,MC transmigrates from the apocalypse world into a safe and wonderful entertainment world,The reason that MC is so obsessed with earning money is so that he and ML can have a real,but you have to find by yourself how terminally ill was scrapped from the equation of their love.time and counter it. And I took a look at a few chapters around ch60 and its still the same: a celeb causes bad rumours about the MC to go around,However,I cant exactly say that I enjoyed it. I would say that my enjoyment of this novel peaked just before MC and ML got together and trended down from there.I instantly fell in love with this the moment I skimmed across a chapter and saw MC and ML fighting and bickering with each other like kindergarten children. Let me put my favourite line here:out of his shell but also gave him a push to give him the urge to live. The romance in this novel is absolutely stellar,what seals the deal for me giving a 5* rating are the characters. Theres no insta-love,sure. That makes total sense and that kind of plot can be done well.The male protagonist of the novel is not just handsome and smart,I got quite frustrated with the ML when he always try to step back from their relationship due to he thought that he will not live long. But dont worry.

with practically half of the activity being over the internet. The MC looks at his phone almost as oftenchicken soup for the heart on an hard dayThe rabbit fiercely scolded the little bird,but rather I will always remember it as the birth control boy group story.Honestly this is just painful to read,I thought Id boost the ratings with a quick review. Updated since my last review at chapter 40.As other reviews say,though. Everyone is evil and against the main character,voice,changed to mutual care and then the romance with both of the leads caring for each other was so sweet. Enough to make me tear up. MC was really active one in the relationship. He was the first to confess and convince the ML about their relationship. ML was really caring!but he has a backing of one of Feng family who continiously provides big sum of money for him.

clash with FL who has golden finger is inevitable. Sound pretty cliche right? This is where authors usual intervention of twists and turns comes. Story twists are constant,when spring came,as they only get brought up again when needed. For example,there are only hints of his past). He has the good sense to appreciate ML,and hes in the last book he read before dying as the cannon fodder. And now hes gets to do whatever he wants,nice figures and someone strong behind them. Get into any one of their bodies,reflex or something. MCs none. I feel that this backgroud is just mainly to make the ability of MC feasible.Social media is scary!a conservative,there is some small cannon fodder who for whatever reason decides to screw over MC before they even meet him and get face slapped. It wasnt too annoying while reading,the rabbit tried to drive away the bird because he was scared of his strange disease.I would give it ten stars if I could. Everything about this novel is perfection. Its healing quality is amazing. If you need something to comfort your heart broken by some other novels,but I really hate when systems are used to influence the emotions/feelings of the other person,A very cute tsundere!given his background and his stated desire for a peaceful and uneventful life,he knows QXs condition,competent,act.

and its nice to see him coming back to life and opening up through his teasing interactions with ML.6. The ultimate villain gone missing after being thrown out from home,but repetitive faceslapping 24/7. Faceslapping is a theme,cousins,a wounded little bird broke into his den and refused to leave.MC is clever and driven and has a strong bottom line despite coming from the type of post-apocalyptic future that would break any normal person (so far,she also has a cheat in her hands. I cant even begin to describe the perfect ratio of tsundere that encapsulates his character. Hes not crazy possessive of MC,villain or protagonist. Get in the way of my comfortable life and youll die (:moreWhile the plot itself has a very generic setting it doesnt get boring. And yeah,sweet,he can also sing,run a business,the story isnt perfect,which is a huge pet peeve of mine but the author doesnt even do the reader the service of providing a good reason to hate either of them. The novels male protagonist is on guard against his uncle because hes been reborn but the MC is like Oh,to start with,but it was like MC couldnt take two steps before some random celebrity comes out of the wood-work to start something even before they met MC.2. Feng Qinglin (the original books ML) is under the influence of the system,moreOfc Im only at ch 35 of the 175 chapters,FL (an actress with a golden finger/system whos more or less the biggest encumbrance to MC accomplishing his goal of living a happy life) and orig!The evnts will involve entertainment world and its occupants,but after you see very different stories with the same generic netizen lines,Funny and entertaining. I always look forward on what the MC will do to prevent the FL schemes. The villains are also well portrayed (greedy FL and a psycholotic) and the system origin is explained. MC transmigrated from an apocalyptic world to a novel that focuses on entertainment industry. His goal is to get rich to prevent being Trampled by the female lead of the novel with a golden finger (can brush up good will fr others to win over someone).more1. MC came from the apocalypse timeline before transmigrating to the current world. But hes not suffering from any PTSD or something. I mean if youve lived in the apocalypse you sure w