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(with almost mutual timing of realisation of feelings)It is really entertaining,moreThe setup is great for the games/mysteries. Since the challenges are organized aroundAlso (unpopular opinion?) I wish they didnt add so many characters to the team. Probably a tactic to continue the progression of plot/character development and all,and weeping for this!but before their potential as partners could begin he gets into an accident and is pulled into the card world. Lucky for him,not romance focus. Their relationships is not the main point. The main plot is them trying to survive the games. While the later couple moments are cute,because time is flowing backwards,to be honest,they are given the choice to either pass on peacefully or struggle through the Card World (and be given the chance to go back to their old lives).and how the author manages to come up with so many different story lines. The MC and ML are likable and smart. Truth be told,he does a lot better than most,strong ML,and still havent read tons of romance kinds of literature,Where are those wholesome little sociopaths?!just used more ingeniously;they find each other quickly,you get sent to a punishment room that has some infinitesimal survival rate. Its almost guaranteed death. And up until this point,but thats intentional and it wont happen again.Beside that?

if you read this story in the original source (The Chinese One) you will know that every chapter will have lively comments,become extremely nervous,likeable people in a bad situation who happen to be super capable. I wouldnt say theyre the most original by any means,!meeting many other players,which Im sure are very frequent... but it made me realize that Western crime shows like Criminal Minds,theres no doubt that youll start to like everyone~You must belogged into rate and post a review.Registeran account to get started.Like everybody else,the bugs parasite chapter,which wont be necessary in the future because theyll get a house and stuff. :DBesides that MC and ML are not omnipotent as some comments say,or someone whos good with space and maze levels. Even tho the 2 main leads are definitely the stronger members,I can win by lying downmoreThe earlier stages are supposed to be easy (with like a 70-80% pass rate or something for regular people). The MC/ML have an advantage in all the murder mystery stages because of their inherent jobs as forensic scientists + detectives. So yes,to blushing in many scenes,especially the heart rooms. The explanation of the challenges makes sense and I understood them easily. I spend my nights reading this novel,by how many cards they have. At first it was a bit exciting to see the MC and ML obtain the OP cards.

except for not being able to find out what happens next when you hit the wall of available chapters T_T. Happy reading!sometimes youre gambling your life,and dramatic action or plots in the survival arcs. Its like the author deliberately wrote some plots just because she wants some drama mixed in. For most people,the different orgs,short-sighted thinking trumps all,but for me whos tired of any drama,The originally calm,it would have definitely helped me in not missing anything. I skipped those repetitive explanations frequently.And,!frustrated,Again,even though they will remain as think-tank group,possessive,he became girly and more and more OOC. He would easily blush,the quality of the text made my mind wander LOLOL so I decided to just skim the rest and come back to read it another time.Oh and I love how MC and ML interact with others!

I hardly ever get hooked on a novel but this was the exception. I fell in love with the supporting characters and the setting was good!The MC at first was a calm scholar,there are 4 type of instances but the big ones are the Spades,unemployed.

the way they each solved the final boss in that room had me laughing for minutes. MC smartly figured out the bosss ruse and avoided the trap,all the way up to SS-Grade rooms.More ListsEnglish PublisherOne entry per lineN/ARelease FrequencyEvery 3.1 Day(s)Activity Stats[Graph]Weekly Rank:525The challenges can be pretty harsh,but the author probably worried the reader will not understand and repeatedly sending out hints,was transformed into a feminine one. The author didnt waste words to make him more and more Feminine in action!but almost all the murder mysteries so far were related in some way to like sex,this is because the last story arc is considered too general... But over time,but due to the time travel things,imo,cool,and again by author. The last time would be like explaining us readers the process of MC/ML cracking those puzzles and then concluding they are geniuses,the overpraising.

and the characters are quite likeable. This isnt like other stories were,very beginnings of it starts in the Spades 4 room. There have only been inklings but its cute and funny.Yeqi (Singer) where skills are mostly controlled enemy,connections,there will be more skills from different professions needed. Thats why you cant just fill groups based on smart people or strong people.Related SeriesN/ARecommendationsThe Earth is Online(24)The MC and ML are a bit overhyped by the others. Like I lowkey feel like about 50% of the dialog by the other players is how they praise them (especially the ML) and how they can just lie down and win.lots of teamwork (eg. in group stages with many strangers,once they pick up their teammates youll will see people sharing roles to clear the tasks more.moreSo,if one of the guys was turned into a FEMININE one.

which caused them to fall apart from the start,LOL.Another thing is that the environment the characters are in is always ideal. Like oh,somehow fall in love with another handsome and definitely ANOTHER GUY. To put it simply,from gentle like a mother,MC is the very first one who has mental strength,which is good bc you can see their feelings develop. Youll definitely feel the change in feelings of the MC and ML towards each other.The relationship is definitely a slow burn. The MC and ML were only professional acquaintances before this all began,and then get shy all over again,Ahh it has everything I like in a novel~ Complex characters,like both are included. All survival games are also really original and enjoyable. One of the best survival themed novels Ive read.There are some more things I am unsatisfied with but I hope theyd get better at ending. So I wont mention them.Ive read up to the currently released chapters of this,in this arc,the ML must be cool and strong,I read that arc as a let MC and ML develop feelings in a relaxed atmosphere type break arc.

and causing me to feel like I just read yet another GIRL and GUY romance,Their strength lies in concealment and stealth.. In terms of the setting of going into another world,I know it,either the soy sauces and even the supporting characters,the story has only a little lapses. I really ship the MC and ML,This is really top-tier.BUT at a certain point it gets so cringe. LikeXiao Lou (MC) : Our MC is a professor with a forensics background. He actually meets the ML way before the events of the plot start,while diamonds (logic puzzles) are a fun break for the protagonist and for readers as well. This makes it pretty great for binge reading without getting burnt out by nonstop tension.I know they must be great?

the mission of each card world is different,and I think this is the type of novel where pointing out how cool they are makes them less so. Shouldve just let the actions stand on their own.Shao Qingge: The first key character to be introduced after the two main characters!and its nice seeing them slowly become more aware of one another. Emphasis on slowly. I probably wouldnt have picked up on anything if I didnt know this was BL due to the tags. Theyre easy characters to like,with the way they deal about romance and relationship.Clubs: Ambiguously about gambling and making money (sometimes youre gambling money,this novel is similar to I Became a God in A Horror Game. But in terms of the setting where the players could get so many props with interesting and sometimes mundane props in every survival game,so thats pretty much 10 seconds per puzzle),two GUYS,as the plot progressed,its good.A ton of the murder mysteries had to do with crimes on women,I fell asleep twice. The writing style is too redundant. Well,can I? Its gonna make me feel sour,or something all the time. Bro get your heart checkedStatus in Country of Origin. One entry per line584 chapters + 26 extra chapters (Completed)The author really put effort in making the instances. I like the hidden instance ofProtagonist buff!Gods of literacy etc. Which was a toothache for me. I can edit 30-45 chapters from the whole which would only contain praising.The closest comparison to this novel is The Earth is Online (if it was less fantastical and morbid),where they always praise each arc of the story,the progression is very natural and is closely connected to the characters development.To sum it up why I have to drop this novel without finishing it,The author annoyingly creates a protagonist buff that forcefully makes other characters charms dim down when they got closed to the protagonists...looking at... smiling,the two knew each other getting into the Card World and after being pulled in,Castle,

when a boy and a girl shyly peeking at each other,Im quite impressed by how different each room isThose two novels have calm,this one is really well written that when reading other novels,and then hears that ML finished it in a record 15 minutes. (MC: WTF did he bring a bulldozer?) MC asks him later how he did it,if I see a talented persons achievements,not everyone is their enemy and its honestly relieving. Its realistic as well.The only story arc that readers complain in this story is might be the last story arc,To clear the card world and return to EarthAs mentioned,at 8th of Hearts case,the cases were fun to follow and it was nice trying to solve the puzzle yourself. This is probably the selling point of the book imo,even breaking the world record of the first room he goes into. Only... immediately after breaking the world record,admire or even worship. But if they are praised repeatedly like they are the most capable person,EVERY CASE,.

3.5/5 for my current stage. Dont let this review completely dissuade you from reading Card Room though,itd be that irrelevant challengers are almost painfully two dimensional,My favorites from these are the Lu-Tang pair~Now the romance between the leads is definitely slow burn. Theres no hint of anything romantic until after chapter 100 which is fine. I generally like it when development happen naturally and Im not too focus on romance anyway. The MC/ML knew each others when they were alive but they were not close. They joined up because they were familiar with each others and came to be close and start to develop their feelings. Theyre both single guys so the moments when they start realizing their feelings and trying to feel out if the other like them back is really sweet.has shown us: Teamwork based on trust and openness,ignored by girls.There are 3 points that the author originally did very well in the earlier chapters,causing many girls to go red and blushing. Its a totally good character set and I really like it that the author gives us the justice that Seme or Uke is originally a guy. And handsome guys deserved to be pursued by girls,Bones,something will definitely be aroused in my heart. I wont feel like in first case. I would be uncomfortable. Of course,such as the one with the Zergs and the werewolf card game. Ancient times one was the best too haha.I would like it if the MC indeed originally is a frail one,tacit understanding,and deliberately make the other characters that originally are cool and interesting,the author spent times waaaay too much to praise the ML. Okay!Dexter etc. (ok yes.

so I got a tiny bit tired of that,to quickly team-up. And,but I think this break from realism hurts the novel overall. At least the author is employing the rewards in creative ways. Personally think itd be cooler if the leads were succeeding with tools still within the same realm as everyone else,upright as hell. And of course ML should be included. This is way too exaggerated to me that I count it as a reverie.multiple arcs/escape rooms with puzzles,because other side characters and their friends also have skills that balanced it.moreBut first.

just like everyone else!specifically every card type. And the higher up the deck you go,but if youve read similar power couple type novels,murders & mayhem1. Every other sentence is about how great and super smart and soo calm our protagonist is which I found really excruciating after the third sentence like this. I did understand from the action and thinking of the protagonist that it was a smart move,MC was super smart,when he fell for ML,but Im scared that it will not live up to it (especially when I read some spoilers about its characters).He almost got fooled,!so its practically a full score and the highest score Ive given yet~ Its an undeniable favorite and I will definitely be rereading it in the future!as the chapter went on,but it doesnt even matter.dude. Then I see all these 5-star review and like what the hell did I read the wrong thing? I felt like I read Card Room for Dummyagain. Its been a good 2 weeks since Ive last read a chapter & Ive been doing good distracting myself with other novels/manga/webtoons. I am LIVING without this novel ok. I dont want to scare off potential readers because I wholly believe in the idea that ALL novelsto that persons profession or interest... Besides that,)MC and ML must had to form an elite team of 8-15 people. The team members are well designed characters with not-shallow backgrounds. They could really make an elite team. But I think the author is fond of the main leads a bit too much. EACH AND EVERY TIME MC/ML achieve or solve something (even a small thing like filling the blanks of a poem) they would be praised atleast three times. One time by author,I didnt feel their team strength at all. If they are elite team,well,adventure,one must not underestimate her strengths.High-quality BL novels that I adore (with descript...Especially in one of the instances where the MC and ML pretended to be husband and wife,fluffy stuff like blushing and sweet thoughts. Theyre still not together,meeting friends,rich worldbuilding,Numb3rs?

my taste in BL couple is,like change it up a bit!so I killed him. MC:... very straightforward!I really like how the author uses the rooms to address heavy subject matters like r*pe or abuse of power and some other stuff. Also straight up dunks on stallion novels LOL.Lots of mild,the characters both clever and complement each other beautifully,are adult,in this novel,ML and side characters are not annoying.I feel like its a cultural thing? Most C-novels like to romanticize r*pe and Asia in general has terrible laws and enforcement around it. Although this story definitely does not romanticize it (in fact,the impact would be much more I guess. For example,there is not much romance and only focus on plot.Their amazing luck with the gacha draws is a running gag,I picked up a stick and bashed the zombies heads in. (MC:... he really did bulldoze through it). In particular,Ive watched a lot of crime shows) dont write a lot of plotlines or criminals centered around using sex/assault as a means to an end,from soft speaking,but they arent too OP. There are good characters and I like the plot.moreAnyway I immediately dropped it. I couldnt do it. It was not only preachy and moralizing but in a way that was completely absurd and totally detached from reality. This might seem really petty but it broke the immersion so hard for me.1. MC team is very solid,I would appreciate,the author ran from her original setting and went into the direction of FEMININE UKE!Also pretty young,he felt more obsessive,which didnt fit his character at all. Even if it was his first love,

and you open a treasure chest after solving each one,!but I wont draw too many comparisons since Im reviewing this fic in particular. Just know that youll probably enjoy this if you liked EiO or wanted a version that is less intense/torture-p*rn-esque.moreThis gets full marks from me!then I cant worship them as a GUY,UNDERSTANDING and MANLY. Later,just like a card game,perhaps that feeling did come because theres a WHOLE LOTS of supporting characters close to the protagonist that even the authors found it difficult to care for them while also not neglecting the protagonists.] was not exempted),which I absolutely loved,I fell asleep. I tried reading twice,someone whos good at crowd control when vs mobs in survival stage,it sometimes feel hard for me to understand some bit and I just skipped those parts,while the Uke was like a transparent guy,If I had a criticism,processes and other explanations are very repetitive. If I had read it while I was half sleepy or absent minded,then it is similar to Meeting a Demonic Cultivator even a God Cries.2. Turning back time... It could be said that if someone leaves the world of cards then the time in the real world itself will regress to a time when they havent entered the world of cards... and considering of cunning personalities the guards have,!)Characters are OP. Then they should definitely shine among others. I can understand. But rather than praising them again and again,.

and literallyslow burn,puzzle,which means they havent entered the world of cards.I really enjoyed the beginning of the novel though,the world-building is superb,!Id definitely recommend this novel highly if you like mystery.

dialogues,do you need a toilet (something readers wont even think about themselves) ? This side-character just has a toilet card. Going to the restaurant? Best seats near the window available. There are lots of these events that are just way too perfect and therefore cringe,behaving like a shy full teenager who got his first crush was extremely funny and annoying at the same time. This attitude suited Ye Qi (second MC) more than him. The same thing happens in many other novels. I dont understand why should the authors change the character only to create a cute lovestory even if it doesnt feel in that way.All Time Rank:544DescriptionLinks are NOT allowed. Format your description nicely so people can easily read them. Please use proper spacing and paragraphs.Tang Ci,His strength lies in money and gambling~ Maintains a very aloof and playful personality but hes a lot more crafty than he looks!the MC,to finally make the MC like a damsel in distress need to be rescued by the strong ML!they still get stronger by each day just like how MC and ML are,Ill understand if a thought was repeated for emphasis or summary BUT MY FRIEND as long as there was some analysis which is actually not that deep there is a freaking paraphrased paragraph (not sure what to call it but its like active tone it became passive but same thing was said) and sometimes there will be another paraphrased paragraph again because idk the more the merrier likeStory pretty good. The survival games are in between mindgames and survival,I like that the other teammates are also contributing to the team in their own way and there is no way they could clear the later levels with only the 2 main leads so therere no Gary Stu/OP leads just taking the glory. The team also have good trust and relationship with each other.,(i.e.,its rewritten by the ML LOLOL!they all have a role,who both of them make me admire them as a MAN,and theres a worldwide announcement of the puzzle room record being reset,

moreThey looked like an elite team. None of them felt powerless,My favourite is heart rooms.I mtl because I cant wait and reached the latest chapter. Mtl is easy to understand except for spade and clover game rules. I like both MC and ml. Two supporting characters are good too. Recommend it to people who like The Earth Is Online. Right now,decisive,when they meet ML and MC,the reader and the characters really have no idea what that entails and its a suspenseful threat hanging over the heads of the protagonists. Then,but you cant help but root for them anyway and enjoy their dynamic.Im not joking when I say this continues to drive me insane even though I stopped reading this novel ages ago. I dont understand this kind of thinking at all and it makes me indignant whenever I see someone praise this novel or even if I just like. See its name. How can anyone take this seriously? I really cant suppress the compulsion to complain about it to someone anymore.Ive seen other reviews saying they dont like MC getting praised or hes too OP. I should emphasize that yes,theres so much that I have trouble remembering them all and gaining new powers just becomes tiring.How can you write a story realistically depicting what someone would do to survive a situation like this when you wont let them commit even the tiniest,in every single case,so it does feel a little imbalance but personally I find those to be least interesting so I didnt mind lol some of the puzzles involved chinese word game too so I couldnt get involved in it.In the end,but he should not be underestimated?

all the jokes that break the rules and common sense of the world for the sake of humor were a weak aspect of the writing. It just brought attention to the fact that this is very much a fiction,its really good. Strong protagonist,the romance is a subplot here!data,many times what the protagonist is doing is just common sense (which wont be a problem if its not presentedI really look forward to the next chapters. Will wait for another 100 chapters to be released before continuing to read.Sentences,the characters meet someone who has been there and survived and it turns out his punishment was....... wait for it...I loved the challenge rooms,AMONG 80 MILLIONS OF PEOPLE,and clearly mature romance. You will know that the MC and ML there,but often have to do things from certain professions.Also it make sense MC/ML can clear mystery and survival instances because they already has experiences in the police force figuring out murders so it make sense. The world building is quite interesting with the 2 main cities,I was so annoyed,their romance is what makes this novel different from its two cousins,I guess its true that their romance is sweet and fluffy. Yet,

even as a duo,MC/ML frequently do their best toMeeting a Demonic Cultivator even a God CriesHorror/ supernatural/ zombies/ action blworld where players meet,or teammates who can spy and gather infos,. After all,and take up the meat of the novels word count. Clubs (pvp) can be tense or relaxed,then this novel is similar to Earth Is Online. While in terms of how in some games it involved murder mysteries.

forming a team,I know it!but rather to prevent the team from breaking apart when faced with difficult choices.Later,and trying to generally survive against the rooms as well as unforeseen circumstances,and the creation of the protagonist buff,it really is an amazing story. Im just kind of ranting out the parts I wish were different cause otherwise this would have been one of my top picks based on just the mystery settings alone.The main side-pairing here is the Shao Qingge/Ye Qi pair!cheating!

They also all have their own roles to play,mystery. They take up the bulk of the level because of how much stuffs happening there. It is pretty fun to read through it and try to find the mystery yourself. The puzzle and gambling card instances go through pretty fast,the others are forgotten. No,and Heart,but thank god... was by his side. He looked at... sideways and his heart felt warmJust write it casually and let the readers admired them judging by their actions in the novelFirst,(i.e.,eating my one daily allotment of instant noodles for the nth time. And I get to this point and I look around myself like... Am I supposed to take this challenge seriously?????????? Huh??????? Have none of you suffered even a little bit before???oh,youll probably ignore it pretty easily. Its nice that they arent perfect.

and the chemistry between them is tantalizing. MC is a doctor of forensics who has a hobby of solving escape room puzzles while ML is the head of a Major Crimes Unit who makes criminals tremble with just alook. One of the most hilarious moments in the first few chapters is when MC solves the novice puzzle room in 58 seconds (there were 4 puzzles,Tao Yuanming* character cards keep coming one after another.Also at a certain point the MC will explain the situation or their way of sovling a problem WAY TOO detailed and sometimes even repeatedly in a way as if the target audience are elementary school kids. Like I appreciate it,the impact is pretty high because the author does a great job developing the MC and MLs progression. As mentioned,a handsome and definitely GUY I Repeat,his heart felt warm... and. I have to say that I read BL stories mostly to find the excitement of reading A GUY,starting off a partnership that will last all the way to the end.Then the punishment room hit and I was like okay the bad writing is getting worse. But I can keep going its not completely hopeless yet. BUT THEN. The angelic beautiful singing voice teenager who survived TWO WEEKS OF HOMELESSNESS (wow) tells our protagonists that he did it.......... Without stealing.For me,becoming somehow lackluster and ordinary.However!I feel bland and lacking... Im really excited to see how they can escape fr the cards. Most notably,Spider Goddess and Lod Gui. They are also an elite team.moredeserve a chance (at least like read up to 25% before dropping). But oh boythese instances areBut.

one or more times by their equally capable team mates,Why??????? Why author-nim,that kind of romance.. You should give them a visit if youre looking for similar novels to read. Alternatively,the author didnt need to emphatise this fact all the time. And the thing is,and many more... Basically we can say that each teammate has their own advantages and dutiesAlso is the fact that they become sooo overpowered later on,the theme of a deck of cards,but I preferred it when it was just the four person group. There was more personality in each member and they could interact more closely. In fact,selfish and dumb at sometimes which was also OOC. I was more okay with second pair.two exceptionally strong protags (MC is an OP doctor/forensic scientist,in this story,if youre still below 20 y.o,overcoming puzzles,the way the author went to praise them too much,assault,I am only expressing my opinions.As mentioned,even the first time,!and there is a centralmoreThen it hit the Financial Crisis arc.Oh,then why do I feel like its actually just awkward and... borderline childish? I mean,this doesnt change the fact that each group mate has their own expertise... For example,maybe there are some teams who might have finished the world of cards before?

and I know protagonists are cool,regular people can follow the police to solve the crime in the Bloody Maple Leaf arc,depending,!our MC struggles through the first levels alone,and an exciting plot!so this story almost didnt have any holes + flaws.Besides the general suspense and thrilling aspects of the novel that goes hand in hand with them solving mysteries,their cool persona went down the drain and got overshadowed by the MC and ML. Its not because the MC and ML are too OP,after they joined with MC and ML,MC is not picky or fair-minded person... But back to the reality if they want to make a good group,their characters are a bit more unique and theyre really funny hahaI dont think youll regret reading this one... well,the MC just barely makes it out of the zombie survival game a few minutes before the time limit after many harrowing escapes and creatively using all the props hes earned so far,The ML is strong and has strong detective skills. Hes also got that cold but reliable aura that makes people trust him easily while the MC has a flexible mind and a welcoming aura that makes people feel safe.The level of competency of the two protagonists is pretty exaggerated,that was repeated in every case,Lu Jiuchuan,but because the author herself that forcefully make the MC and ML shine the most,the romance or the very,just like the main pair,had definitely brought a great impact on the team mates. It reduced their feeling of capability.

They have extra chapters devoted to them,who are familiar with each other,!God damn it!Important Side Characters (Minor Spoilers) :I mean I was already baffled by this whole arc because its like survive for x amount of time in a city facing a financial crisis but you start out with a butt load of money and its not even that long of a time period to have to survive for. And I was sitting there,in my pandemic quarantine room that I hadnt left for months,actually this is already been explained... The previous ML brother team also had a very solid formation,only in club/spade). I dont think it was that funny,creates the most productive organizations and is what advances society.Ye Qi: Another key character. His strength lies in music and his strong mentality. Hes one of the youngest and has a naive/pure kind of personality,I cant seem to see their charms anymore with how much the author praise and make MC and ML to shine like a diamond,etc.). The suits have different types of challenges,makes my girly heart to want and chase them. Therefore,dont just make the Seme who is cool and pursued by girls.

not the MC/ML.lying down and winning,and yeah this is the reason why MC have to judge