Mystery Novel Journalism
2022 Jun 21

I dont like abusive, dog-blood drama, and weak characterization. I dont like Imbalanced Couple where the Seme/Gong is too Overbearing. I dont like weak, femininized, Uninteresting/Lackluster Uke, or bratty/silly Shou whose IQ drop drastically when encountering the Gong.

So these are a few novels with good plots, and mainly consist of interesting MC and good ML I strongly recommend. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE NOVELS IN THIS LIST IS RANDOMLY LISTED WITHOUT FIXED RANKING, and also these are only novels that I HAVE READ.

This list will randomly be updated if I find another worth noting novel.

Created: Nov 5th, 2019, Updated: Nov 12th, 2021

well its a must to have!While 90% the weak and femininized Shou/bottom are dominating the market, you can find a totally cool and masculine Shou here! Wei Wuxian was described as Godly handsome, admired by the girls, and envied by man (before his blackening reputation, lol). WWX is a good looking guy, with good personality, friendly, genius, talented, funny, all in all he is extremely charming! If he were born in modern world, he is the ultimate PRINCE CHARMING! So, lets hate and envy Lan Wangji for acquiring this platinum quality Prince Charming to be his shou!!! LOL~

Believe me,in this world where 90% overbearing, black bellied, possesive and rapist gong/seme are dominating the market, you could find a quiet, righteous and upright gong, my impression on him is SO MELANCHOLY AND LOVING , and thats Lan Wangji here! Teenager LWJ is a platinum Tsundere waiting to be bullied and teased. Young Adult LWJ is an awkward man in love. Mature LWJ is...a Platinum certified Husband everyone wanted to have! So, lets envy and hate Wei Wuxian for acquiring such a platinum quality gong LOL.

The most remarkable thing in this novel is because the author treat the characters right. When you have a male as your MC, then write them as a male, from their actions and their personality.


The plot is also really interesting. MC here is even more powerful physically than the ML, I suppose? Lmao. This is the first time an author didnt fear to write a shou with the position of a general, admired by his soldiers, strong physically, wise and clever mentally. While the gong is the one who is shrewd, cunning, and the one who is strong politically.

There is no instant love, and their interaction is really interesting. No blackbellied or yandere or domineering ML. A full 5 stars from me indeed!

Dont Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash Bin

I have to say this is the best BL quick wear or quick transmigration novels Ive read so far! I havent find another novel as great as this one.


Its not just about taking revenge, its about making the original host truly achieve their hopes and dreams they actually wanted to have in life, and healing their wounded heart by carefully mending the regrets they have in the past life. The MC took revenge, not for the system, not for the world plot, and not for himself. The one he consider the most is the will of the original host.

I like the MCs personality a lot, he is truly humane. The romance is not an instant love. There is a sure pace, and uncommon CP.

Its the first quick wear or quick transmigration I read! So it holds quite a special place in my heart. Of course i like MC


and ML. Anyway, the notion for the romance is this is fated lovers. Also, it will satisfy you if you want to find someone posing as a villain and slapped the original protagonist from many world straight.

Begging You to Break Off This Engagement!

One of BL novel that made me realize i really craved for an ML who has gentle personality , reliable, indulging, pampering, amusing, and funny,


yet still shameless and loving. And also the first novel in which the characters are transmigrated/transported to the ancient china, but on the remote village. And the identity they got are just an ordinary villager. Their daily life makes me wanted to treasure even a grain of rice, and make me felt so rich and blessed when eating fruits LOL, because villager in ancient era found fruits, rice, meats etc as a real delicacy and very rare.

Its a crime novel, case solving, police detectives, and criminal investigation. The interaction between the MC and ML are really interesting. Both the MC and ML are qualified to be a gong/top. The romance journey is visible throughout the novel, the reader can see the growth from bickering and silent respect, slight suspicion, into admiration, and finally love.


If you discard the fact that there is a gay romance in here, this novel is really a good crime/detective novel! Even the BL romance is not cringy and is really natural. People who dont like BL but dont hate them either, can even read this normally.

To promote this novel simply is: A breath of fresh air. A new and interesting way to execute old premise.


The MC is investigating why some people around him acted like a fool in a cliche harem plot. Are they truly s*upid...or perhaps they have different agendas on their own? This novel gives us a different perspective to see how a usual harem romance, and s*upid abusive romance actually worked out in real life. It let us tosee and peek the logical reasoning of those so called s*upid and bewildering plot and characters.

The MC here is very calm and wise. Hes really a good leader for his sect. He is really wise, in thinking and action. Someone who has a wide perspective to the world, understand the real causal and effect. MC and ML are equal. Their romance were thoughtfully written. And the gradual changes between their relationship were apparent.

A campus romance! Most of the stories are full of comedies, and the comedy usually come from the way the people around the MC and ML saw those two and interpret their actions and circumstance, LOL~ How they misunderstood their relationship, or how they unconsiously become the shippers of the couple LOL.


Imagine how a whole university becoming a cult for the CP, as example : what do you say? the MC and ML are having a fight? God, no wonder todays exam was a hell. Quick ah, make them get together again ah, ------ and so on, LOL. Overall, the plots are focused on the main pair romance comedy story, theres not much of cliche drama, especially no family drama!

Never Thought Youd Be This Kind of Hero!

In some story, the hero is someone who is amazing, magnanimous, kind, brave, heroic, and super humble. But what if the hero was replaced with a game player? The mindset of game player: Benefits first, always weigh pro and con in every situation, hoarding points, looting and hoarding every single item drops, and super cautious! If theres no benefits, then I dont care. If the event endangered my safety, then Id rather escape. Heroic? Kind? Brave? What is that? Can it be eaten ? Lmao~


Then, a villain in the game who got defeated by that kind of half-hearted hero, got so mad and annoyed! Lmao~

I find it hard to get a truly supernatural and horror BL, without them being an Infinite Flow genre. But here it is, one novel


I could finally find. The MC is funny, friendly, and observant. The ML is actually kind and gentle. No blackbellied or domineering ML, or s*upid and femininized MC.

MC is sick, but hes still very good physically. A strong MC, and a strong ML. No domineering or blackbellied ML!Its in the same universe


with Lord Seventh, and the MC and ML there become a cameo in this novel, which is really interesting. Action? Check. Conspiracy? Check. Mystery? Check. Interesting characters? Check.

The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Trust me that the main reason i got attracted to this novel is because of the cover LOL. Other than that is the story. Its


one of the few first BL novels about transmigrating i read, so it holds a rather special place in my heart. I enjoy the adventure they have, and its always intriguing to see the ML changes his appearance according to the seven races within him as they unravel his secret identity. Its actually one my guilty pleasure novel here LOL.

This is the most satisfying supernatural game hopping/movie hopping novel!


From the plot its already interesting enough since the ML here is the alter persona of the MC. Both of the personality are independent.This novel has the interesting point of D.I.D idea, supernatural idea, and action novel. Theres no blackbellied or domineering ML. The ML treated people whom MC appreciate as friends normally, and didnt get jealous or feel disdain at them. The interaction and the cooperation of the MC and ML are super awesome throughout the novel! The MC and ML respected each other, and the thing is, there is no feminine MC! The MC and ML are consistent. When theyre set to be clever, they would not become a fool somewhere in the plot just to make drama. All in all, I love every single part of this novel!

Meeting A Demonic Cultivator, Even God Cries

Its the first supernatural world hopping novel with enough Reality world scene.The identity of the MC is interesting because hes a captain in criminal investigation division in the police. Aside from going into the supernatural world and surviving the game, this novel also told us the daily life in the reality world of the MC as the police captain.


The MC is not overpowered. The MC and the ML compliment each other, with the MC being brave and straightforwards, while the ML being smart and calculative. They saved each others ass in the game world.

The downside of the novel, is lack of explanation in the end. The ending was kind of flat. Though just by the way MC and ML was described, and how the world building of MCs real life was given in satisfactory amount, IMO, its still one of the best.

The Villains White Lotus Halo

The first BL xianxia novel that I read where the story goes on about adventuring, level up, and facing enemies. Also, I like how the


other characters in the novel were given much thought, aside from MC and ML other Characters also seem Alive and has 3D personality. Its more plot rather than romance or fluffy love.

I Ran Away after I was Forced into a Love Polygon

Fujoshi/fudanshi, what makes you become one honestly? For me, becoming a fujoshi is because I want TWO f*ckING HOT, COOL, AND HANDSOME GUY BEING TOGETHER!


So, when the BL novel or manga in the late decades always give us delicate/soft/sweet Shou I felt so depressed and sad. So, all hail for those fujoshi who wanted to see a REAL TWO HANDSOME GUYS being together, this novel is for you. This is a novel where 5 SEME/GONGS assembled together in one place. So, all of those guys here are your HANDSOME, COOL, AND AMAZING GUY, lol.

Transmigrating Into The Heartthrobs Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend

The MC is really lovable! Hes so straightforward, badass, and really...a yankee (delinquent) !


The premise of this novel is actually really sweet and heartwarming. The MC transmigrated into a novel where there is a miserable, the victim of bullying, and the victim of abusive love protagonist. The MCs goal is really just wanted to give the protagonist here justice. I want to give you a normal, safe, and happy highschool life...I will protect you and let you taste the kind and happy era of being a teenager.

Another interesting point is, ML was originally hinted to be a Shou in the original novel---only for him to be a cold beauty Gong instead.

This is more of plot rather than romance! High intensity action, thrilling games, mystery, conspiracy from the higher realms, IQ battles, and collecting younger brothers,


all of those are in one package!The protagonist is a genius tactician, able to draw the best of his own abilties and other peoples abilities. Hes a born leader, or actually a born con-man, LOL, bewitching others to come to his camp in a flawless way. I really love his character setting. The ML rarely showed, but once he appeared he is very sweet! Their romance is not an instant love, there is a lot of background story between them, a bittersweet past, and their current romance is not a high intensity one, but very endearing...

This novel is the best novel that deal with mental illness patient here! I was in between crying and laughing when I read this. The


MCs thinking is really funny and laughter inducing...but also sad when you realize and think it deeper. Its short, but its quite well written. The MC and ML are very likeable as well. The CP could be said very Uncommon, a mentally ill Shou vs A stutter Gong.

The MC is very dark. The MC is very satisfying. In fact, I read this because I find this story shockingly has the resemblance with


The Decade of Deep Love/The 10 Years I love You Most. But what makes this novel satisfying is because this novel went into completely different route from the angst novel. This is dark, this is satisfying. There is no angst, there is no depressing state. The MC deserve his revenge, and the scum gong deserve nothing.

The MC didnt dedicate himself to get revenge or living his second life fueled by hatred and resentment, but instead carving his new life to


be better than the last life. He enjoys and treasures his new life and his true love (ML) instead. But of course, dont worry all those who deserve to be kicked down and slapped got their own retribution in a satisfying way LOL.

one of the best modern transmigration BL story Ive read, where the MC transported to a novel he once read and took over one of the supposed dead character.


I couldnt help but also feel the rollercoaster the plot is giving me. The main reason I like it is because there are many mysteries and facts in the Original novel that the MC read, that actually are tricky and need to be analyzed over again. Also the ML is BAE! Hes a sick beauty! Even though the ML is a mafia boss but hes not overbearing CEO type, if anything hes really sweet, so I really like him! The MC is interesting , funny, brave and a bit innocent.

My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness

This novel gives me the epitome of Tsundere ML!!!! There is no blackbellied or domineering or possessive ML, but a super tsundere ML! God, hes super cute! Someone who is very grumpy, petty, secretly childish, and tsundere! The MC here always tease him, because the ML really is very interesting to tease! I wish I have the ML as my own lover, lmao, not for his good looks, not for his wealth, but for his interesting personality! Im going to live a full happy life just teasing him to my hearts content~


The Plot is also very interesting. There is no need for revenge actually. Everything that the MC here did is only ensuring his own livelihood. He only retaliated against the original protagonist of the world when that protagonist threaten his life, and threaten the MLs life.

President isnt Mary Sue

Theres only a hint of romance blooming between MC and ML, without intimate contact happened. But this is one of the best short story. Its


able to present a good plot, nice development between characters, and actually have a comedy plus a sweet love story. Those who havent taste the bitter hell of workplace may not understand the struggle MC had in this novel, towards the boss (ML) and towards his coworkers. But, this novel give us a reality slap, theres no such pretty and lovey dovey office romance. Only when youre able to do your job properly and perfectly that your office life would be heaven- like.

One of the best short parody genres Ive read so far. I also dont like the kind of story where I like you but you didnt like me, now you like me but I dont like you anymore, so cmon chase me~~~ , that kind of abusive love story.


This story really fills me up, satisfy me to the bone, where I can ridicule those kinds of brain dead abusive for the sake of abuse stories along with the parody this novel offer.

Where can I read above mentioned novels in English..??

You can click on every title of those novels and you will be directed to the page in here, novelupdates, where the novel translation (done by fans) are posted. All of them are in English.

Though, if youre asking about an officially published or printed novel in English, then among all of those novels, only The Founder of Diabolism and Heaven Official Blessing that have been officially translated in English, and will be available in December 2021, while the rest...are not officially translated :)

Hey I have found some good novels thanks to you, so I was thinking of leaving you a recommendation of my own that I think you will like: Global University Entrance Exam. Badass Shou x badass gong, strong couple, survival games and good plot. The dynamic of the couple is delicious. Its the type where you unravel mysteries little by little. The first few chapters can be a bit confusing but its worth it!

Oh of course I know that novel! Haha, youre right, I really like how the author describe how cool and handsome the MC (shou) is! Though, I havent finished that one yet, I put that novel on my another list about novels I want to Read.

you would probably like later he became a royal healer  the ML is so shamless i cant any more

Thank you for the recc! Ill try to read that one. Its been so long since I didnt stroll in NU here

Looking through the description and the books listed, you might like All-Round Mid Laner. Its a transmigration and e-sports theme and ABO setting. Both MC and ML are mature and smart. Same author of Accidental Mark.

thank you for recommending the book, I have seen the novel somewhere,now that I know the characters are the type that I like Ill definitely check them out

Hai i forget the title this is Qt novel mc is zombie after betray his teammate ml is scientis and has twins brother ml really love mc,mc eat zombie nucleus to upgrade His level

Is that a quick transmigration? Well, it honestly didnt ring a bell to me? Perhaps I havent read the series at all? Well... Haha

Youd probably like the novel undead. its an apocalypse world with ABO mixed in and our MC, an omega is strong and badass! Whats not to like. Both gong and shou are strong and intelligent not the typical omega that you might find in an omegaverse story. Plus the plot focuses more on the apocalyptic world with zombies and vaccine sh*t so its like watching resident evil BUT resident evil zombie-theme in ABO setting

Yeah! Definitely! I have listed that one novel in my to-read list, hahaha. And the reasons were exactly what youve said above. It seems like youve seen through my preference completely. Thank you for kindly reminding me about it :)

Someone else has already recommended Heaven Officials Blessing/Tian Guan Ci Fu, which is by MXTX, just like your number one - Mo Dao Zu Shi.

In that case, you might also like The Scumvillains Selfsaving System - same author, transmigration novel.

Theres also a novel that I really enjoyed, that also deals with transmigration and a shizun and disciple relationship, and its called The Husky/Dumb Husky and his White Cat Shizun, also known as 2Ha or Erha.

Sha Po Lang is supposed to be really good, btw, and heard good stuff about Thousand Autumns as well. The former has a drama airing this year, the latter is currently airing a donghua. SVSSS also has an airing donghua, btw.

The strange this is, I have those novels listed out already in my reading list along with other worth-noting novel, but I just failed to find some time to read them?

Like, to read a masterpiece need a preparation for time and mood in my case, haha. Like, if I dont have the mood to read XianXia, and my mood was flaring on the direction of infinite flow horror, its impossible to drag myself to read those XianXia masterpieces......really, thats what hinder me of reading the scattered masterpieces waiting in my reading list, sigh

Thanks to you I found Golden Stage!!! Ive read so many bl novels before, why this one has completly captured my heart the way it does still stupified me. I love it, every bits of it. It has enough balance between plot twist and romantic story of the two leads. And the characters? Just like what you mentioned above, only happens when the writer treats the characters right. I love everything about this novel. Just want to say thank you for this one treasure 3

Its nice to hear it! Yeah, Golden stages is really that good, its short and we dont have any extras, haha, but its just that fulfilling.

Have a plesant read with other novels!

Wow. A super nice reading list without those stories I ignore (except the TWABPWDSH). Thank youuu!

Thank you, Its nice that you enjoy those novel as well. Thats right, I also think that TWABPWDSH is only good at the beginning before the author ruin the ML...sigh. Theres always a novel where the beginning is good but the author ruin everything in the middle, thats truly upsetting and frustrating for me.

How about the Heaven Officials Blessing? Also, Transmigrating into a Big Villain in the Book Novel, Cant Afford to Offend my Scheming Disciple, How to Survive as a Villain (with manhua), and The Case File of Jeweler Richard (with manga and anime).

Real life get busier, and I didnt have a lot of time to read the novels here these past year, so I havent got the chance to read those novels you mentioned :)

I had the chance to read Heavens Official Blessing until chapter 50, while How to Survive as a Villain until chapter 9 back then, I havent continue them yet.

I thought The case file of jeweler Richard is a JP novel? I know the anime (but also havent got the time to watch it yet), its Japanese, right? JP novels are rarely translated online aside from the super popular overseas, Its a surprise for me that they have the translation now