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2022 Jun 01

Other world chimera [Naruto fanfic]

How can I save the world if Im no longer the hero?

Player 0.4 [You have died.] [Reset in progress.]

The Author is an Extra, The MC is a Reincarnator

Life in Vain: Jobless Reincarnation

106 Turning Point 2 Zwischenzug Part 3

The Jinni and the Isekai (The Jinni and the Isekai, 1)

Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood

RE: Apotheosis Journey of The Former Divine Ruler.

Chapter 2 Part 4 : The Emperor Desire

Chronicles of the Exalted Sun Child

The Strongest Weapon Of The Strongest Duo

7.1 A homeless puppy and a squatter rabbit.

V1 C9 (2/2) a Faitful Encounter

I was bored so I made a secret organization

Close Combat: A ninja who cant use ranged techniques (Xianxia)