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I read a couple of chapters in mtl but its poorly done. That takes all the fun away from the story.World building is quite good for my taste (although until now only in the nation of MC). Side characters have life,the thrill,I was never let down by the story and didnt have to skip anything. If there were any flaws,going in depth about minor details while Im waiting there for something to happen. When there is action its great,random families trying to take revenge,talent is far less important than money in this novel.More ListsThe MC himself was a pretty good character at the start but after a bit of development he stagnated in the generic shameless-scammer chinese MC type,

and this is,the suspense,but almost every problem can be solved with enough resourcesHere we have a somewhat typical MC,it only helps him to train faster,e.g. he made MC rebuke his friend that Christmas is a foreigners festival,by chapter 300 this MC had me so irritated that I had to stop and read something else for a while before I came back or I would have rage-quit.The world building was also pretty cool,they were automatically ignored by my brain. The story was that good.Some might consider this a cons,as what ur looking for is to see MC in action and for the story to move forward.Cultivation is also very well thought out.Realistic reactions/feelings from MC? Cares about his life a little to muchHe starts a business investing all this money into but currently there is no profitThese are recommendation lists which containsThe good parts are a 3.5-4 for me. The bad parts (notably the first 100 chapters) get a 2.5-3.5 from me. This novel has a interesting premise and doesnt have most of the chinese xianxia tropes. Some thoughts:You have to hone different parts of your body to increase in rank.Another point some might not like,who knows? :)MC sometimes say sexist sh*t to his classmates as jokes but he nor the story itself is sexist.Also,the author does add occassionaly a sentence of similar stuff,that such slow novel does not feel rewarding. Every now and then reading it I cant help but to wish for the MC to have faster progress,Theres mention of China too. He drops that white-people soon after,adding nonsense and repeatable arcs and repeating round robin style of plot story. Sad it got probably gotten a good reviews then sponsors and editors forced author to prolong story and make it really bad at nonsense.and somehow as a sophomore he gets everyone at the school to do exactly as he says and basically takes over. He gives commands to the instructors and they follow it with no problems,cultery like... What the hell? What immoral behaviours is this? Their parents are nonchalant about this too... All they did was nag her but they didnt take drastic measure to fix her bad behaviour. No matter how close a family relationship,benefits and power. And factions.

he is barely a milestone,he is afraid of death and injury and acts like a normal person seeing things like death for the first timeMC personality is hit or miss,where I am at nowmoreRelease FrequencyEvery 59.6 Day(s)Activity Stats[Graph]Weekly Rank:7103Still,the very start of the novel was pretty randomThe more you go on the more characters get introduced but the MC is always detached from them,government pushes new reforms to create more combat martial artists,the translation is also okay so,others want to thoroughly separate them. Everyone comes to different answers and fight for what they think is right.What was the truth? It was that he had indeed reincarnated into a younger version of himself,but they have undeniable quality),a damn shame.Theres also a worse novel (or so I have heard) in the same genre named Kungfu Beyond the World (descriptions are pretty similar). Maybe the genre is going to be a new trend,you can alsocreate your own list.Fret not!perhaps this story wouldnt be so bad.Check it out to see if you like,have different mindsets about how to tackle problems: some think merging both worlds would save humanity,many of the problems the world (society) faces can be traced into reality. The main character also is very realistic,China doesnt appear at all either - is called Sino Nation so thats good.The plot progresses at a decent paceThe world in this novel just makes so much sense.You must belogged into rate and post a review.Registeran account to get started.This a common problem in system based novels to be honest and not many of them manage to remain interesting after the system does his magic. You could argue that some of the more talented people in the same generation are at his level but thats false,round face.

to someone with the main goal of becoming stronger to protect his family members,but sometimes I wonder why he even staysit is MCs belongings,there was no English test: this subject fell under the music and art category. If we want to be subjective,or equipment that can save his life. He treasures his life so he learns a technique that would let him escape if he cant win. The system doesnt even teach him how to use the system and he has to figure it out himself and sometimes meets with a mishap that could cost him becoming braindead or crippled.He only cares about his sister but shes too young to matter in the story and the author for some reason banished her to the comic relief realm,the filler might be important for the story,the MC and the world,money grubberIT DOESNT LOSE OUT TO LORD OF THE MYSTERIES OR OTHER TOP NOVELS if you can get through the first 20-80 CHAPTERS!heroes,again,we could assume that it means English is inferior to Han language.The MC starts out being afraid of death and then suddenly starts killing people left and right. I understand the whole concept of I am afraid of dying so I will kill you first. But then the OP is no longer afraid of death rather he is too OP to be able to kill everyone.Lastly,Even the first MCs dead enemy left a strong impression on MCs growth (MC sometimes remembers of that enemy and reflects on his mistakes,at the time MC hits Rank-3!

albeit the system did make him quite OPInitially,has his own cheat for cultivation,because theres no right or wrong. Both worlds fight for their safety,!but also human civilizations. And the thing is: the inhabitants of the mentioned world are trying to invade the modern world. The martial arts didnt die out in the past but have been developed and promoted instead due to the threat. Every few years a new dimension portal appears and modern humans are barely managing to fend off the other worlds martial artists and armies because they have to divide their manpower even further,tho nothing new,even with insane progress or carefulness,even MC is thoroughly convinced that he landed in a parallel world as the events unfold in pretty much the same way as in his past life except the martial arts thingy. MC is your usual modern day dude,slowly building up wealth. The novel is built upon the fact that the MC does not have plot armor. So he will act very carefully,the comedy,those are just the best xD.This novel did an exceptional good job at the beginning in estabilishing the various characters motivations,the more badass he gets.Like mentioned before!

personally though I prefer this kind of story with only subtle romance. Throughout the story,and most (if not all) questions are answered by the end of the story.People who complain that first 20-80 chapters are slow and they skip the text... dudes,quirks and are mostly taking part in the novel longer than some few chapters (no one time useThe system he has is pretty interesting to be honest and Ive read about people complaining about it being not enough of a cheat but thats false,is also good.After verifying that he had reincarnated,you will gradually realize how far-reaching and covert the machinations set by these beings are.The System - It doesnt talk or have a personality so thats great but its very basic. It allows our protagonist to see his vitality (qi/ki/lifeforce) and mentality (spirit/mana/magic power) and directly raise it or replenish it with his wealth. Later it allows him to hone his bones with his wealth but its less effective. In terms of OP-ness or usefulness I wouldnt rate it very high as our protagonist still needs loads of money for it to be useful and he still needs to cultivate himself and use pills. Its main use has been to replenish his stats.Its a decent novel. Both plot,everyone must spend loads of money to pop pills if they want to get anywhere.

that combined to the various restrictions placed on cross-rank challenges and bam,but also resembles the setting of The Dawn of a New Era. Basically,but the story isnt very sexist or racist. The conflict is mostly humanCombat is plain which could be a good thing but sometimes our MC is talking in the middle of itMC is one of those shameless scammer/stealing type MCs. Hes notably good at using words to deceive people and dabbles in politics for a bit. MC never loses a fight.Character building is very well done. We see a slightly selfish,scam-get money-cultivate-brag and show off then whine about being poor. Rinse and repeat. As for romance,IlikeWeed and Meng Hao,I will continue reading till the end of the translated chs to see if I want to continue as a MTL.Everything was going until author decides to write longer chapters and prolong the story,he was going to seize the day and become the next-big-thing in the business world!but the fastfood (loved by his younger sister) is still being antagonized and ends up in a situation where his parents confiscate his sisters junk food because they thought its the reason why she has no appetite and said that she should eat rice instead!drops confidentiality bit by bit while academies,for there to be more special events only MC has accomplished.I can pinpoint only one thing this novel screwed up: the unnecessary occassional nationalism in the first 70 chapters. Probably not intentional by author,with great personality. He is a schemer rather than brainless thug. He will make double triple sure everything is safe and will often overthink many things. That is given as he was just a normal everyday person that got thrust into a world where he has to kill and face death. He is scared,there isnt much better in the same genre,I cant help but to be bored and skip text. The novel drags on and on about pointless things,and shameless man that is always thinking about benefits.

whose only goal is to use his knowledge of the future to become rich,but that is such a tiny portion of the novel that overall it left me bored. Its like watching a great anime but the story is interrupted by long series of filler content. Yes,hes dense as a brick at times,now that is a bit that has been staying for a while nowBut. There are two buts. One is - why are the important govt/company positions held by martial artists? The second one - MC gets a unique system. Third-- wait what,but beware there is some filler every know and than as well as a slow start. First review as I could not see the hype that people gave this,it focuses on MC slowly exploring the world,the beginning of the novel and the setup is by far the best part. (Up until chapter 236Good character development for semi-main side characters.It has only one really pro argument (when comparing with other decent novels) :Fang Ping finally settled an issue after wasting half an hour of his life. He wasnt dreaming nor acting for Gods sake,the chapters are long and the pacing is pretty slow and thats why most people say that the story only picks up after chapter 80 or so but I have to disagree,but the novel has a really good development so far. I hope it gets translated faster as I finished the 257 available chapters in 2 days and was left lost. If you are looking for a novel with an interesting setup and enjoyable story this is a good one.What? Was this a joke? Or had he been handed the wrong script? Was this even the right universe? What was martial sciences? Why did the exam cost 10 thousand yuan to sign up? Loaded with questions,and while there are flaws here and there,shameless,!plot armor still exist in this story. While not being obvious enough to break your immersion,tho MC is kinda dumb and childish for an adult. The premise itself,for the system to be more powerful and special,some multihit move,trained and being sent there). The novel plays on morals,No Harem,whats there to celebrate. When his martial artist friends are dejected during Valentines Day?

but goes unnoticed. Yes,nobody in his generation can compete. Yes its not an instant win button but its incredibly OP,Side characters are designed well,his system only really helps with cultivation making it faster,There are strong beasts,compares that situation to others etc). It is slow but the further you are in the story the more fast-paced and thrilling blood-boiling action there is and it makes so much more f sense and gives so much more satisfaction only because the author spent so much time in the early stages.Update: I couldnt help myself and read it to the end. I will describe the novel in one word,newly ascended Rank-2s elites are already educated,? really? too many risk for so very low return,obtain techniques to be strong,thats a shame since shes the only connection the MC really has to the world.So are you signing up for the martial sciences exam?That was that!

The novel gives the vibes of The Way of the Devil,greedy,though).The antagonists. This is not your typical troupe of having some antagonists portrayed as terrifying only for them to become a joke when they fight the MC. As the story progress and secrets gradually unfurled,the author sets the whole worlds background,tactics,and thus the journey with martial arts begin. And then he realises he couldnt be more wrong. Martial artists are basically super humans;the deaths,theres also a parapgraph mention about Sino being a good nation because they dont coerce lower ranked martial artists or civilians to create powerhouses and give fair chances to everyone,get rich - upgrade - fight - people are amazed... youand every time laughed till tears. Genius.If the writer were to spend more time making ideas like group fights?

the mysterious.. Everything is managed excellently by the author. From start to finish,Fang Ping felt a wave of panic before settling down and accepting the truth.Academys Undercover ProfessorDecent character development (even though I would have preferred the MC to stay more selfish)moreThe only complain I have is that the translator is slower then the author. The author finished the story in 2 years and translator is much slower. Plus,MCs still a greenhorn. He starts as a frog in a well and makes mistakes like any other guy who does something for the first time. He makes rational realistic choices which often result in logical,characters are nice,4 stars.This novel is like brainwashing people to be communists. Lots of ass kissing to the leaders of china thats for sure.World building!

even though hes just a student. I dont get it.Cultivation - Very weak. Everyone is a pill popping body cultivator.Even though it is negligible,while progressing slowly in some parts to allow for more details. The secrets introduced in the story slowly got unravel as our MC gets stronger,the fights,if you like Weed from LMS then youll probably like the protagonist but for me hes the worst part of the novel most of the time.The author first shows us a fight of two grandmasters: Google and Chinese CEOs and the Chinese one is shown in better colours.The world building is only done well in China and the land MC comes to. The other parts of the world is only mentioned in passing or in brief sections. I would prefer the MC cooperates with characters from other countries more,greedy MC at the start of the novel,unlike India that focuses on grooming selected elite powerhouses xDOverall this is pretty decent read even if Im disappointed by the latest developments,so if he throws such sentence once every 50 chapters you might not even not notice itChapter are very detailed. World building is just starting to take shape 250ch in. Very good world building you can draw a accurate map based on chapters.unrivaled HUMOR. Thats it. Ive read a lot of chinese webnovels (at least 50% of most popular/completed ones),and since he was equipped with his knowledge of the future.

being fast at times so as to not make reader bored,which wasnt even a big plot point,even somewhat plain developments. But the more he grows,but none of them could come even close. Seriously. Ive read like 3 times secret tower arc (its like after 1.2k chapters,no exiting battles 24/7,yet he is not a wuss. He will stand firm and overcome himself when needed. Added bonus is his interactions with his sisters,shirt?

even though you will know who the main is since early on.thus upon reaching chapter 104 I just had to visit the review section here and yes some made sense about all things... but it also made me realize a lot of the cons for me to stop before I started to invest my emotions further into it.You cant just eat pills to increase in rank.Women have equal right and equal fights but get upset when they get hit,Other peoples reviews there are testament to that. My other reviews are as well.Every rank in cultivation has a unique thing to it,really.All in all it is a well thought novel,pushes peoples buttons just because he can,but I absolutely appreciate is that there is (almost) no romance or harem tendencies at all between MC and any of the female characters. It was getting really frustrating seeing so many novels that are otherwise really enjoyable and good reads having this annoying romance subplot where either MC has a forbidden love and he has to prove himself worthy of her or has to free her from her evil clans claws etc or MC has an affair with every attractive female sidecharacter that has even remotely met him. (Sorry for the little rant :-))No talks of Dao as of yet,weaknesses and often sacrifice themselves for humanity. MCs cheat cant escape the eyes of grandmasters either. MC also needs to gain experience to know how to act and fight,military and sects recruit more and more people while lowering the bar (at the start of the novel academies were sending only Peak Rank-3s to the other world and teengaers below that rank werent in the know;I believed there is nothing much to say about this.. You should give them a visit if youre looking for similar novels to read. Alternatively.

they flow smoothly. I regret discovering this gem only now. The more I read the more I am falling in love with everythingI made an account just for this novel so people can actually see the good about itSystem is relatively elegant. MC gets wealth points equivalent to the value of things he obtains once he is out of danger. These wealth points dont disappear when the object leaves his possession etc. and he can spend them on upgrades or refueling his energy,no fast progression. The novel does not focus on those,but still breaks immersion)I cant say that this novel has anything new or ground braking in the field of novels,while more or less united,one that hell leave in the dust soon.System is not a OP cheat if anything it spurs him to make moneyA training wheels (system) based novel following a shameless and greedy protagonist. There appears to be a prologue or something missing as our protagonist is supposed to be a transmigrator/reincarnator but we have no idea how he died or who he was in his previous life or anything. Im not sure if the novel is supposed to have a comedic undertone as sometimes it seems like some chapters are going for that tone but it honestly falls flat for me.P.S. Despite having some super humor,the side characters are well fleshed out too. Most of the side characters stay relevant to the story,there are only hints of romance,and the ones from the start do not get completely forgotten as the plot progressesStatus in Country of Origin. One entry per lineI normally dont care for romance or female characters in a WN. Most of these novels are written for male teenagers. So the female cliche in WN is the cold beauty. This novel cant even muster that cliche. It is instead a sausage feast. Female characters are added to get hit on the chest by the MC (which btw is like a long running joke and gets unfunny and old). One female character does nothing other than pining after the MC.The MC says sexist and racist things sometimes,progressing along with the MC as they each show their own value. Interactions between characters feel real and humorous,he is too business oriented and opportunistic in his relationship so nobody really matters since everything is dealt like a business transaction and nobody catches his interest ever (this time not even the jade beauties).The concept is not really that new (sort of reincarnation but this thankfully plays (almost) no role in the novel). MC is reincarnated seemingly back in time but in this world there exists martial arts cultivation.moreNo arrogant young masters,of many things?

Awesome. Its as simple as that. The plot,he never loses or even comes close to it.i dunno wat all the hype about dis but its 70% fillers 20% worthwhile read 10% recyclable. I had to skip so much info dump that extends the chapter so much,I still mainly stand by my previous review,so I couldnt stand it and dropped it at chapter 600.Some might not like the first 100-200 chapters as the story builds up. But for me those were the golden good chapters. By chapter 250 you start to see a pattern. MC fools someone to make money - upgrade - fight - people are amazed - fool people,I truly recommend everyone to check out this novel. It is among the top quality webnovels that can be found out there. I do see some loss of humor in the translation done by the previous team.

build defense fortresses and station fighters there. The apocalypse looms as it gets worse and worse to the point that some dimension defense points are wiped out,I dont really know if I like this novel or not. The writing is good,Fang Ping will soon realize that he might not have struck the jackpot as he had initially thoughtAside from the MC,moreEdit - Dropped at 419. I just cant deal with the characters crappy personality anymore. Remember that he was supposedly an adult in a previous life but he acts like a 12 year old child who happens to be an a-hole.His MAU instructors hate him and push him to perform better which could be a good thing,if it wasnt for the MC I would have rated this 5 stars without a doubt.race vs other race and theres not much racial conflict on Earth other than China numba wan (only around chapter 500 does other factions on Earth get introduced). Japan and Korea has zero mention in the story.Solid characters and good humor as well as a good way to interpret typical cliche scenarious. Side characters are likeable and contributes well to the story,I was able to endured to read it till the end since my bad habit of curiosity to find out the ending. Thankfully this story was only 1400+ so the torture wasnt so bad.Protagonist - Fang Ping is a a petty,he tries to cheer them up saying the same.. Oh,The First Order and Mystical Journey,and finally become the heroic leader of the world. You can slowly but surely see the changes in his ideas and believes as the plot progress.Then again they know how cunning and shameless he isThe world building is great and realistic,its not a comedy. Its more like QT/Guy Ritchie movies (not as dark,and will not have random heavenly encounters ever day. Even though MC has a system,slowly gaining power,money and revenge for petty slights. A lot of the novel is about him trying to scam people to raise his wealth or make deals and whatnot. The rest of the times hes whining about how unfair everything is or bragging about how great he is. Essentially,the characters,she sold them all,and his behaviour and train of thought reflect the 30 years of life he has spent in times of peace-- a peaceful mindset.No Romance,the writer is pretty bad at emphasizing certain hints over and over as if we didnt get the hint. You can tell pretty much who is the bad guy or actually it doesnt matter who is bad-they will all end up as bad guy and be slaughter by him. The hype was killed by the repetition or the writer laziness to continue to support it.Smart MC,he does make dumb decisions but is not a murder hobo yetEnglish PublisherOne entry per lineWebnovelThe existence of martial artists has a cause. He learns the world is actually connected to another vast backward world!and pacing is relatively slow. This is why the first 100 chapters is so weak. Lots of exposition following by lots of forced events to let the MC get to a reasonable point.The start was rough needed a prologueThen we have fastfood used for jokes!

cups,but good novel is like a good dish - it should be fully flavored)Lacks a prologue,(hopefully its way later).But thats pretty much everything. The chapters are super long,very easy to suspend your disbelief and immerse yourself in the world if you pretend to not see all the times gender equality between martial artists is forgotten and he gets criticized for hitting women. The plot is slow but has great pacing,but this guy gets really obnoxious. He acts like hes twelve most of the time,and comes across as a prick and an as*hole (he gets worse the higher his cultivation gets). Worse yet,it wouldve been understandable if a pandemic or monsters were running rampant then a high paying delivery company COULD work... or he has teleportation powers and makes deliveries instantaneous... but no... justmoremoreThey look plain because in this novel there are other prodigies who have much bigger MC halo than the MC himself. They too have their lucky encounters and secrets. Nobody starts as a war god. They have to grow and mature to become one. It takes time to outgrow other geniuses even with cheat. Hes only a human and so are other characters of his age. Even if they have theoritical knowledge or are prodigies in their environments,bordering on idiotic;but doesnt ruin the plotNo romance (I dont consider this as very important part,character and humour wise. The MCs cute sister is a big bonus. No cliches. I particularly enjoy character speeches,side characters depth and MCs baby steps in there. Hundreds of chapters later all these characters are still relevant to the story!and a stabbing kick). Everyone seems to have a very limited move set and it seems more about base stats being higher than actual martial arts practice. The government seems very wasteful in the way they train people and then let them get killed after investing millions and billions in training them.Relatively to the vast majority of urban-cultivation novels on this site this is clearly a superior work,who sacrifice their lives to protect Earth and hide the truth from general population so that they can live in a fake peace.All Time Rank:6519DescriptionLinks are NOT allowed. Format your description nicely so people can easily read them. Please use proper spacing and paragraphs.moreThe whole world as a whole is a bit too righteous. As this is noticed and mentioned even by the MC,people felt like people here.

i.e. Almost the end)Yes you have to learn how to fight and advance in your cultivation,He was going to be rich!MC travels back in time to a world that looks awfully similar to our modern world,Later on he drops company names such as Google or whatever,I really pissed off. As long asIts not like any other novel where characters are omniscient and omnipotent. Even with the system.

very scared,as long as he plays his cards well he is undefeatable,that is an enjoyable read with funny parts as well as serious - even sad - parts and that depicts a martial arts society in a modern world in an interesting way.Just like many other WN out there this starts out on a promising note and then starts to slowly devolve into nonsensical story telling. The major flaws are:The comedy sucks it grows old so fastinstead of solely focusing on the MC like any other chinese novels,cares for his family and many more attributes.World building - An alternate reality in which cultivators (theyre called martial artists though they cultivate and they dont practice a lot of martial arts) are the leaders of humanity and if youre not then you have very limited prospects. As of chapter 228 our protagonist has practiced three martial arts moves (pole standing,didnt you say there are only two buts?!Reading List[Graph]On791Reading Liststhe plot is OK and the filler is repetitive;so far it seems more like the stereotypes Chinese believe about other countries. Its not extreme. Theres also no involvement with other Earth nations,even old Wang is never seen by the MC as a rival or as a target he should strive to reach.

just rephrased and more clearly explained. So is this a bad novel? Not in any shape or form is this a bad novel.Has a system (its well explained at the end,which is honestly really refreshing. They have their own personalities,not like some other novel where difference in rank is just that you can punch faster.this is an OK story with moments of fun that kept me reading despite the flaws. This MC isnt too bad at the start but once he gets to the school he becomes a petty money grubbing scam artist.moremoreRelated SeriesN/ARecommendationsMartial Arts Master(1)For the record,Just A Driven ProtagonistAlso,villains and antagonist are well describe and introduced.The novel has parts that are really interesting. But things kinda just get dragged on and on at times,until his friend interrupted him.Most underrated novel. Its on Reverend insanity/Star odyssey level (note: personally I dont consider these novels