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2022 Jun 07

The Keith Law Show is a once-a-week potpourri of baseball information. From prospects to the draft to the latest trends and trades, Keith will make sense of it all with great guests from all corners of the game.

Sports Illustrateds Emma Baccellieri on the sweeper, Brett Phillips, the Mets and more

Keith is joined by Sports Illustrateds national baseball writer Emma Baccellieri. They talk about the sweeper pitch and how its different than a slurve. They also discuss the joy of watching Brett Phillips on a baseball field, the incredible writing career...more

Keith is joined by Jonathan Mayo of to discuss several 2022 MLB Draft topics including the Orioles decision at the top of the board, the long wait until Draft Day, Cam Colliers unique position as a 17-year-old with junior college experience,...more

Everything Everythings Jonathan Higgs on the bands new album Raw Data Feel and much more

Jonathan Higgs, singer/song writer for the British band Everything Everything, joins the show. Jonathan discusses his song writing approach and the use of concrete images in his lyrics. Then he gets into the new album, Raw Data Feel that includes some AI...more

An Early-Season Reunion w/Eric Karabell

Keith is joined by Eric Karabell of ESPN to discuss the Phillies middling start, a brutal April for the Reds, the White Soxs mounting issues, the Giants bid to continue building on last seasons success, and the Padres excellent first month. Follow...more

How to Be Yourself w/Dr. Ellen Hendriksen

Keith is joined by Dr. Ellen Hendriksen to discuss her book How to Be Yourself, the difference between social anxiety and shyness, introversion, perfectionism, post-event processing, cringe attacks, and the benefits of a having challenge list. Follow...more

The Voltage Effect w/John List

Keith is joined by Professor John List, Distinguished Service Professor in Economics at the University of Chicago to discuss his new book The Voltage Effect: How to Make Good Ideas Great and Great Ideas Scale, how focus groups are often poorly utilized,...more

Early Season Baseball w/Ian Miller & Riley Breckenridge

Keith is joined by Ian Miller (also of Kowloon Walled City) and Riley Breckenridge (also of Thrice) of Puig Destroyer & the Productive Outs Podcast to discuss the teams and players theyve watched most closely through the first week of the season, prospects...more

Oscar Season & Best Films of 2021 w/Christopher Crawford

Keith is joined by Christopher Crawford of NBC Sports Edge to discuss some of the best films of 2021 -- including their Top 10 lists from the past year -- plus selections and expectations for several awards including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture, and...more

Keith is joined by Joe Sheehan, author of the Joe Sheehan Newsletter, to discuss the new CBA, the Twins post-lockout roster shuffle, the Yankees structural redundancy, why a draft lottery wont prevent tanking, and more. Follow Keith on Twitter:...more

Lost & Found w/Kathryn Schulz

Keith is joined by author and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Kathryn Schulz to discuss her new memoir Lost & Found, loss, fandom through family, and finding love at first sight. Follow Keith on Twitter: @keithlaw Follow Kathryn on Twitter:...more

The Wombats lead singer Matthew Murphy on the bands new album and much more

Matthew Murphy, the lead singer of the Wombats, joins Keith to talk about the bands latest album Fix Yourself, Not the World. They also talk about what goes into Murphys lyric writing and song titles, how the band felt about going viral on TikTok and how...more

The Lockout & CBA Negotiations w/Eugene Freedman

Keith is joined by union labor lawyer Eugene Freedman to discuss the owners decision to lock out the players, and the generally unproductive negotiations between the two sides to this point. Follow Keith on Twitter: @keithlaw Follow Eugene on Twitter:...more

Top 100 Questions & Catching Up with Geese

Keith answers a few reader and listener questions about his recently-released Top 100 Prospects List before catching up with Cameron Winter and Dominic DiGesu of the band Geese.

Follow Geese on Twitter: @geese_band

How to be Perfect w/Michael Schur

Keith is joined by Michael Schur, co-creator of Parks & Recreation, creator of The Good Place, and author of the soon-to-be released book How to Be Perfect (Jan. 25th), to discuss the book, philosophy, their shared love of muppet violence, and NBCs...more

Keith is joined by Nik Sharma, author of the The Flavor Equation to discuss his approach to cooking, the books unique structure, one ingredient that Nik would like to see more people work with, and his path to the culinary world from molecular biology.more

Four Thousand Weeks with Oliver Burkeman

Keith is joined by Oliver Burkeman, author of the book Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals. They discuss not waiting for the perfect time to do what you want to do, avoiding the social media rabbit hole, principals of time and much...more

The Quest for Queen Bee w/Sam Ezersky

Keith is joined by Sam Ezersky, Digital Puzzles Editor for the New York Times, to discuss their shared love of word puzzles, the highly engaging and potentially addictive Spelling Bee, Sams path to his current role, and the ongoing challenge of determining...more

Useless Predictions, Early Free Agent Thoughts, and Oaklands Stadium Saga w/Christina Kahrl

Keith is joined by Christina Kahrl, sports editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, to discuss the MLB playoffs so far, useless predictions, a few intriguing players approaching free agency this winter -- including the unusual task of imagining Clayton Kershaw...more

Keith is joined by Dr. Trevor Strunk to discuss Trevors upcoming book Story Mode: Video Games and the Interplay Between Consoles and Culture.

2022 Draft Prospects & Player Development w/Jeremy Booth

Keith is joined by Jeremy Booth, Founder and CEO of Program 15, to discuss a few players from the 2022 high school draft class who recently appeared in the New Balance Future Stars Series Main Event at Citi Field, and the big picture changes taking place in...more

Drawing Down the Moon & Gaming w/Conor Murphy

Keith is joined by Conor Murphy of Foxing to discuss the bands latest album Drawing Down the Moon, and their shared love of gaming.

Follow Conor on Twitter: @TokeEverlasting

Keith is joined by Joe Posnanski to discuss his soon-to-be released book The Baseball 100, including the evolution of the book, the process of compiling the group of players featured in the book, Joes favorite player who narrowly missed the cut, and more.more

Finding Joy in Meaningless Baseball & Rethinking Fandom w/Craig Calcaterra

Keith is joined by Craig Calcaterra, author of the Cup of Coffee newsletter, to discuss the Orioles rebuild, the enjoyable aspects of meaningless baseball, listening to games on the radio, their developing interests in sports overseas, and Craigs upcoming...more

Keith is joined by Sarah Langs of to discuss the race for several MLB awards including Wander Francos case for AL Rookie of the Year honors, Jonathan India v. Trevor Rogers in the NL, the best candidates to push Shohei Ohtani for AL MVP honors, and a...more

Keith is joined by Dr. Sian Beilock, President of Barnard College, and author of Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To to discuss the science of choking in sport (and beyond) and ways to reduce the likelihood of...more

Screen Violence w/Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches

Keith is joined by Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches ahead of the bands release of their fourth album Screen Violence, inspiration behind the album, making a song for Death Stranding, working with Robert Smith, and more. Follow Keith on Twitter:...more

Keith is joined by Joe Sheehan, author of the Joe Sheehan Newsletter, to discuss the *new* titleholder of Best Player in Baseball, concerns about the long-term durability of Mike Trout, the leagues current stratified nature, MLBs ongoing need to market...more

A conversation with novelist Jasper Fforde

Keith is joined by novelist Jasper Fforde, author of the Thursday Next series, the Last Dragonslayer, Shades of Grey, The Constant Rabbit, and Early Riser, to discuss his work, writing without a plan, and some of his favorite comic novels. Follow Keith on...more

Exploring How to Change with w/ Katy Milkman

Keith is joined by Katy Milkman, Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, host of the Choiceology podcast and author of How to Change: The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. They discuss techniques for making real change...more

Mary Shane & The Queen w/Josh Levin

Keith is joined by Josh Levin, National editor at Slate, host of the ONE YEAR: 1977 podcast, to discuss the story of Mary Shane, the first full-time female broadcaster for a Major League Baseball team, and Joshs book The Queen: The Forgotten Life Behind an...more

The 2021 MLB Draft w/Eric Longenhagen

Keith is joined by Eric Longenhagen of FanGraphs to discuss their takeaways from the 2021 MLB Draft, including Erics pick for which teams put together the best draft class, pitching-heavy approaches, the Dodgers best on their development group, and which...more

Keith is joined by Jonathan Mayo of to discuss the upcoming MLB Draft including the surprisingly unsettled nature of the top of the board, the potential early first-round slide of Kumar Rocker, Jonathans pick for the third-ranked college pitcher...more

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft w/Stephen Kurkjian

Keith is joined by investigative reporter Stephen Kurkjian to discuss his book MASTER THIEVES: The Boston Gangsters Who Pulled Off the Worlds Greatest Art Heist and the story of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft. For more on this story, check...more

America on Fire w/Dr. Elizabeth Hinton

Keith is joined by Dr. Elizabeth Hinton to discuss her latest book America on Fire: The Untold History of Police Violence and Black Rebellion Since the 1960s including the important distinction between rebellion and rioting, the subsequent policy cycle of...more

Keith is joined by Will Leitch to discuss Wills recently-released novel How Lucky, including the creation of the books main character, Daniel, how Will subverted the rules of a thriller, and the decision to have the story take place in Athens, Georgia.more

Moving forward in the pandemic w/Dr. Peter Hotez

Keith is joined by Dr. Peter Hotez to discuss the current state of the pandemic, what to say to those who are choosing not to get vaccinated, and how baseball (and other sports) might respond better to the pandemic going forward. Follow Keith on Twitter:...more

Changes in the Pioneer League & D-backs talk w/Zach Buchanan

Keith is joined by Zach Buchanan of The Athletic to discuss big changes in the Pioneer League, Pavin Smiths step forward, Daulton Varshos very limited role, the state of the NL West through two months, and options for Arizona with the sixth overall pick in...more

The Mookie Betts trade, Bostons future pitching plans, and board games w/John Tomase

Keith is joined by John Tomase of NBC Sports Boston to discuss the Mookie Betts trade, whether the Red Sox will spend on starting pitching in the near future, and their options with the fourth pick in the 2021 draft, before sharing some of their favorite board...more

A conversation w/Louisville catcher Henry Davis & Mailbag Questions

Keith is joined by University of Louisville catcher Henry Davis to discuss his offensive approach, adjustments that opposing pitchers have made to him, his ongoing work as a game caller, and the best pizza back home in New York. Keith also answers several...more

Keith is joined by Jim Callis of to discuss several players from the 2021 draft class, including the debate at No. 1 overall, Jackson Jobe, Sam Bachman, Ryan Cusick, Jud Fabian, and a few potentially overlooked prospects in this years...more

An early look at the White Sox w/James Fegan

Keith is joined by The Athletics James Fegan to discuss the resurgence of Carlos Rodn, the surprising arrival of Yermn Mercedes, Andrew Vaughns slow start, and all things White Sox. Rundown 1:47 A Disappointing Patriots Day for Lucas Giolito & the...more

Talking Padres and replay woes w/Dennis Lin

Keith is joined by Dennis Lin, The Athletics Padres beat writer, to discuss Joe Musgroves no-hitter, the health of Fernando Tatis Jr., ETAs for CJ Abrams, the Padres pitching depth, recent problems with MLBs replay system, and early impressions of Ha-seong...more

White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito on rebuilding his delivery and changing his pitch mix

Keith is joined by White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito to discuss the changes hes made to his delivery over time, alterations to his pitch mix, and how he improved his arm action and timing. Rundown 2:05 What to Expect From The Inside Game 5:11 How Did...more

Kim Ng as a pioneer, an inflection point for baseball and domestic violence, and the yips w/Stephanie Apstein

Keith is joined by Stephanie Apstein, senior writer at Sports Illustrated to discuss Kim Ngs career as a pioneer in baseball, the Astros reaction to the Brandon Taubman story, Jose Altuves case of the yips, and more. Rundown 2:15 Kim Ngs Career as a...more

Why bad behavior in baseball matters w/Julie DiCaro

Keith is joined by Julie DiCaro, senior writer and editor at Deadspin, and author of Sidelined: Sports, Culture, and Being A Woman in America to discuss why Aroldis Chapmans past matters, how league policies could shift fan attitudes about domestic violence...more

Movies, Oscar Nominations & The Cardinals w/Tim Grierson

Keith is joined by Tim Grierson, Senior U.S. Critic for , co-host of the Grierson & Leitsch podcast, and author of the recently released book This is How You Make a Movie to discuss his new book, this years Oscar nominations, and his beloved...more

Pitching development and making adjustments w/Triston McKenzie

Keith is joined by Cleveland pitcher Triston McKenzie to discuss his path into baseball, adjustments hes made as a pro, how hes trying to hold his velocity deeper into starts, his choice between going pro and attending Vanderbilt after being drafted, and his...more

Keith is joined by Aaron Fitt, editor at to discuss Kumar Rocker vs. Jack Leiter atop the 2021 draft board, the strengths of the 2021 draft class, Tommy Maces move up the board, comps for Sal Frelick, Mississippi States loaded rotation, and...more

International Scouting & Blue Jays Prospects w/Andrew Tinnish

Keith is joined by Blue Jays VP of International Scouting Andrew Tinnish to discuss the unique challenges of scouting international players, and several current members of the organization including Alejandro Kirk, Gabriel Moreno, Orelvis Martinez, and more.more

Prospects with big growth potential, JJ Bledays timetable, Spencer Howards ceiling, and board game questions!

Keith opens up the mailbag to discuss several prospects -- including expectations for JJ Bledays arrival in Miami, Spencer Howards ceiling, Nolan Gormans long-term position -- and a mix of board game questions. Rundown 2:00 Expectations for Atlanta...more

Building great farm systems w/Bobby Heck

Keith is joined by Bobby Heck, special assistant to the general manager for the Tampa Bay Rays to discuss Wander Franco, a shift in the Rays recent draft philosophy, what they saw in Randy Arozarena before acquiring him from St. Louis, and the scouting...more

Top 100 misses & Adam Mackos unique path to baseball

Keith discusses a few omissions from his recently released Top 100 prospects list before Mariners pitching prospect Adam Macko joins the show to share the early chapters of his journey into baseball from an unexpected starting point. Rundown 1:01 Notable...more

Keith is joined by Britt Ghiroli of The Athletic to discuss her experiences as a woman covering baseball for more than a decade including an unfortunate familiarity with the Jared Porter story before discussing the latest chapter in the MASN saga, and...more

Keith opens up the mailbag for several baseball questions before discussing some of the top books of 2020 with Ron Charles of The Washington Post. Rundown 1:05 Baseball Mailbag! 10:17 Interview w/Ron Charles 11:34 Parnesi by Susanna Clarke 14:56...more

Talking Tigers & diversity in baseball w/Tony Paul

Keith is joined by Tony Paul of The Detroit News to discuss the Tigers -- including what its like to cover a bad team, how the franchise missed its window to trade Matthew Boyd, and the struggle to develop position players in recent years -- diversity in...more

Red Sox prospects, the marriage of scouting and data, and player development changes w/Mike Rikard

Keith is joined by Red Sox VP of Scouting Mike Rikard to discuss the development of Jarren Duran, Jay Groomes return to health, the unique challenges in Bostons recent draft classes, big changes in scouting and player development around baseball, and more.more

The offseason, how we talk about players and contracts, and the Phillies direction w/Bill Baer

Keith is joined by Bill Baer, author of the Baer in Mind newsletter, to discuss Drew Smylys quick move to Atlanta, the unusual position of fans taking the side of MLB owners over the players, and the Phillies current GM vacancy and near-future direction.more

Keith is joined by Meg Rowley, Managing Editor of FanGraphs and a co-co-host of the Effectively Wild podcast, to discuss expectations for free agency, big cuts in baseball operations, and MLBs need for revamped hiring processes in the wake of Tony La Russas...more

Keith is joined by Sarah Langs of MLB to discuss this winters free agent class. Rundown 2:09 Overall Assessment of This Years Free Agent Class 4:09 J.T. Realmuto & Catcher Aging Profiles 7:58 The Market for Marcell Ozuna 12:33 Jackie Bradleys Foray...more

Creating more opportunities for Black players in baseball w/Taylor Trammell

Keith is joined by Mariners outfielder Taylor Trammell to discuss baseballs need for change to attract and retain Black players -- including necessary adjustments at the youth levels and to college scholarships -- and the importance of representation.more

Billy Beanes opportunity and the future of the As w/Susan Slusser

Keith is joined by Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle to discuss the opportunity that might lead to the end of Billy Beanes time with the As, the future of the franchise in Oakland, the evolution of Liam Hendriks, the chances of a reunion with...more

Keith is joined by Eric Karabell of ESPN to discuss the real portion of the MLB playoffs, vulnerabilities in the Atlanta rotation, the adjustments the Phillies should make after a disappointing 2020, and whether teams should pursue A.J. Hinch and Alex Cora...more

Keith is joined by LaVelle Neal of the Minneapolis Star Tribune to discuss the Twins early exit from the postseason, Byron Buxtons 2020 power surge, and the decisions facing the front office during the offseason. Rundown 3:27 Why Cant These Twins Win...more

Keith is joined by Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic to discuss the unanswered development questions for prospects in 2020, the impressive rise of the Padres, the Dodgers status as favorites to win the World Series, and what wrong for the D-backs in a...more

Covering the Jays From Afar w/Kaitlyn McGrath

Keith is joined by The Athletics Kaitlyn McGrath, who is covering the Blue Jays from Toronto while the team spends the 2020 season temporarily relocated in Buffalo. They discuss the challenges of remote team coverage, the surprising promotion of Alejandro...more

Playoff Races, Most Exciting Plays & Films To Look Forward To w/Adnan Virk

Keith is joined by Adnan Virk from MLB Network, DAZN & Host of the Cinephile Podcast to discuss the 2020 playoff races, the most exciting plays in baseball, and films to look forward to in the months ahead. Rundown 2:47 What Have You Been Watching the...more

Baseball in 2020, The Cardinals & Movies w/Will Leitch

Keith is joined by Will Leitch, Founder of Deadspin, Columnist at MLB, Contributing Editor at New York Magazine and co-host of the Grierson & Leitch podcast about the unusual 2020 baseball season, the Cardinals, and going back to a movie theater in a pandemic.more

Loving Sports When Sports Dont Love You Back w/Jessica Luther & Kavitha Davidson

Keith is joined by Jessica Luther and Kavitha Davidson, authors of the book Loving Sports When They Dont Love You Back, to discuss increased athlete activism, how teams, leagues and unions can better handle cases of domestic violence, sexual assault and...more

Youth Baseball, Big Decisions & Making Adjustments w/Dillon Tate

Keith is joined by Orioles pitcher Dillon Tate to discuss his experience growing up playing baseball, the choice of going to college vs. going pro after high school, adjustments hes made along the way, and more! Rundown 4:12 Experiences with Direct or...more

Keith is joined by Craig Calcaterra to discuss his new baseball newsletter Cup of Coffee, Clevelands handling of Mike Clevinger and Zach Plesac, the Tigers promotion of Casey Mize and Tarik Skubal, and A-Rods attempt to buy the Mets. Rundown 3:29...more

Grit & Talent w/Dr. Angela Duckworth

Keith is joined by Dr. Angela Duckworth to discuss grit, failure and the malleability of talent. Rundown 3:02 Defining & Measuring Grit 5:36 How Should Teams Assess Grit & Intangibles? 9:48 Intangibles as Coded Language in Baseball 16:48 Failure &...more

Keith is joined by Joe Sheehan, author of the Joe Sheehan Newsletter, to discuss how long this 2020 will last, the importance of the playoffs in MLBs plans, the problem with low strikes, early season standouts, and more! Rundown 4:58 How Long Will This...more

The Relationship Between Diversity & Creativity w/Dr. Paul Paulus

Keith is joined by Dr. Paul Paulus, Distinguished Professor of Psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington, to discuss the relationship between diversity and creativity. Rundown 0:47 Thoughts on the Marlins COVID-19 Outbreak 3:43 Cultural...more

The Unique Challenges of 2020 w/C. Trent Rosecrans

Keith is joined by C. Trent Rosecrans to discuss the difficulty of developing prospects without minor league games, the lost storylines of 2020, and more as Opening Day approaches. Rundown 2:04 Should We Even Be Having a Major League Baseball...more

Keith answers a variety of questions from his mailbag, including how the shortened season might impact pitchers beyond 2020, his favorite baseball books (written by others), Dustin May as a potential David Price replacement, Clarke Schmidts chances of...more

Smart Thinking w/Dr. Richard Nisbett

Keith is joined by Dr. Richard Nisbett to discuss unconscious influences, how schemas can be helpful and unhelpful, cost-benefit analysis, and more. Dr. Nisbett is the Theodore M. Newcomb Distinguished University Professor at the University of Michigan,...more

Race & Unrepresented Groups in Baseball w/Dr. Akilah Carter-Francique

Keith is joined by Dr. Akilah Carter-Francique, Associate Professor at San Jose State University in the Department of African American Studies and the Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Sport, Society, and Social Change at SJSU to discuss...more

The Jays 2020 Draft w/Shane Farrell

Keith is joined by Blue Jays Scouting Director Shane Farrell to discuss the teams 2020 draft class, including the surprising option of being able to select Austin Martin with the fifth overall pick. Rundown Interview with Shane Farrell 2:24 The...more

The Mets Draft Process w/Marc Tramuta

Keith is joined by Mets Scouting Director Marc Tramuta to discuss the teams selections from the 2020 draft, and the overall philosophy toward the amateur draft in general, before answering several draft-related mailbag questions. Rundown Interview...more

Keith is joined by Jonathan Mayo from to discuss the upcoming 2020 first-year player draft. Rundown 4:07 First Night Draft Predictions 6:33 High School Pitching Prospects 11:58 Expecting Os to Be Aggressive 14:12 Top of the Board 21:14...more

Negotiations Between MLBPA & Owners w/Evan Drellich

Keith is joined by Evan Drellich to discuss the ongoing negotiations for the resumption of the baseball season between the MLBPA and team owners. Rundown 2:22 MLBPA Recent Counterproposal 4:23 Why Players Are Pushing for Larger Schedule 6:36 PR Angles...more

Stereotype Threat w/Professor Claude Steele

Keith is joined by Claude Steele, social psychologist and a Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, to discuss stereotype threat and the impact of stereotypes in the baseball scouting process and beyond. Rundown 3:23 What is Stereotype...more

Keith is joined by Cubs IF/OF and coffee connoisseur Ian Happ to discuss his coffee drinking rituals at home and on the road, and his partnership with Connect Roasters to help raise funds for COVID-19 relief charities. Keith closes out the show with a series...more

Keith is joined by John Shea, national baseball writer for the San Francisco Chronicle and co-author of 24: Life Stories and Lessons from the Say Hey Kid to discuss the career and life of baseball legend and Hall of Famer Willie Mays. Rundown 3:10...more

Keith is joined by Meghan Montemurro to discuss the Phillies 2020 plans for Alec Bohm and Spencer Howard, J.T. Realmutos future in Philly, and Meghans experience serving as the teams GM in The Athletics Out of the Park simulation. Rundown 3:39 Why...more

Keith is joined by board game designer Daryl Andrews to discuss games hes been playing over Zoom, a legacy version of Sagrada, and some of the new games that hes currently working on. Rundown 2:36 Background as a Jays Fan 6:08 Canadas Biggest...more

Baseball After a Pandemic w/Dr. Paul Sax

Keith is joined by Dr. Paul Sax, Clinical Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Womens Hospital, to discuss the issues that need to be addressed in order to resume playing baseball in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.more

Keith is joined by long-time baseball scout Eddie Bane, whose time in baseball included a stint as the Angels scouting director when they selected Mike Trout with the 25th overall pick to headline an excellent draft class in 2009. Rundown 3:11 Finding &...more

Prospects & Movies w/Christopher Crawford

Keith is joined by Christopher Crawford to discuss 2020 impact prospects, players less likely to debut with the expectation of a shortened MLB season, and some of the best (and worst) movies of 2019. Rundown 4:03 2020 Impact Prospects 7:21 Risk with...more

Scouting Greg Maddux & Building a Dynasty

Keith is joined by Doug Mapson, the signing scout when the Cubs drafted Greg Maddux in 1984. Dougs career in scouting also spanned several years with the Giants during a very successful run of drafts prior to the organizations three World Series titles in...more

Helping Minor Leaguers w/Lindsey Adler

Keith is joined by Lindsey Adler to discuss the response by members of the Yankees organization after a minor leaguer tested positive for COVID-19, and the grassroots efforts to support minor leaguers and their families. Other topics include baking bread, a...more

Keith is joined by Jeff Lantz, Senior Director of Communication for Minor League Baseball to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on minor league players, teams and owners. Rundown 2:03 Interview with Jeff Lantz 4:01 Impact of Reduced Season on...more

Breaking Down the Red Sox with Alex Speier

Keith is joined by Alex Speier of The Boston Globe to discuss the Red Soxs lack of fallback options in the wake of Chris Sales injury, expectations for David Price in Los Angeles, the strength of Chaim Bloom, and more! Rundown 4:25 Chris Sales Injury &...more

Digging Into the Best Farm System In Baseball

Keith is joined by Carlos Rodriguez, VP of Player Development and International Scouting for the Tampa Bay Rays to discuss the leagues best farm system, the process of signing Wander Franco, the development of Vidal Brujan, and more! Rundown 2:35 The...more

Keith is joined by Eric Longenhagen of FanGraphs to discuss differences in their Top 100 Prospects lists, the evolution of their evaluations of pitching, how they account for injuries in their rankings process, and more! Rundown 1:46 Julio Rodriguez vs.more

You know Keith Law for his great writing about the game, prospects and the draft and starting February 24th you can listen to Keith on The Athletics new podcast The Keith Law Show. Keith will evaluate prospects, talk trades, and interview great guests from...more