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2022 Jun 01

Supreme Master of Martial Arts, Wu Dao Du Zun, Wudao du Zun, , 무도독존,

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyManhuaMartial ArtsRomanceShounenWebtoon

Briefly about Martial Arts Reigns Manga.

Martial Arts Reigns Manga about:Ye Ming, the rising star of the Ye family, is considered a genius among his cultivating peers. But his cousin damaged his meridians. And crippled him, mercilessly severing his tendons. But Ye Min never gives up. And so he is willing to sacrifice everything to avenge his dead parents. They were killed by the Huang family. Only he doesnt know that he is considered a pain in the neck to Ye Mings family. And he wants to be removed

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I can say that its quite interesting manhua. And its not boring from the beginning. All the weak in spirit leave after reading a few chapters)))). And then the fun part starts amp;amp;x1f601;. I didnt regret continuing reading)))

From reading 150 chapters, only makes you interested in the MC. As simple as possible and sometimes he doesnt know what hes doing. Doesnt think about the consequences. And his brain has been replaced by the spirit of the cape. 180 chapters, and the MC is only at the beginning of the second stage of cultivation. Im just shocked. It is very interesting to read. But as in all Manhua about cultivation. Hes got the second level of cultivation. I bombed precisely because the MC is not an imba.  What difference does it make what level of cultivation he has? He is much stronger than the martial arts masters of the same

Manhua was very interesting. Even though most of the text was blurry. But I was flipping through it and coming up with a plot. But its a shame I didnt get to read some of the chapters. Otherwise, it was interesting overall.

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