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2022 Jun 10

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The Sims 3 China World Adventures Guide - Shang Simla

Shang Simla, China is a great place for Simmers to start traveling the world with theSims 3 World Adventures expansion pack. Its the home of Martial Arts, features a great skill-boosting incense holder Sims can buy, and an artifact can be purchased that will give your Sim a boost in all ancient coins gained. From my experiences it has had the easiest dungeons of all the locations, save a couple of the more trap-laden tombs here. Its a great place to start, and one of its adventures will send your Sim toFrancewhere they can begin earning VISA points there while tracking down all therelicsfor China.

Bookstore: Sells a variety of region-specific novels. Additionally, theNew ChinaCookingrecipesforegg rolls and stir fryare sold here. Theres also bait books for koi fishermen and a Martial Arts skill book.

General Goods: Sells the Chinese incense holder which will increase your Sims skill gains while theyre in a room with it lit. This item, called the Honorary Incense Holder of Jun Pao boosts skill gains by a confirmed 25% and it only costs $10 to burn it. Dont put them near anything flammable as they can start fires. Additionally, theMartial Arts training dummies and block breakerscan be bought here. Of course theres the usual dried food, tents, shower in the can and other items. Note that this store is up one level from the others which can make it hard to spot. Push page up if youre having trouble seeing it.

Food Vendor: Sellsplums and pomelosfor use inCookingGardeningorNectar Making. You can also find stir fry and egg roll dishes for sale at the appropriatemeal times.

Relic Vendor: Visit this place often for help filling out your Simsrelic collections. Sometimes you can find very valuable artifacts here, but keep in mind that you can find them out in the world free of charge.

Marked in red on your map will be a special vendor (often at the Martial Arts academy) who will sell items that require ancient coins and a set VISA level. The following items are sold in China:

Better than dried food and gives a+moodletwhen eaten.

Cures the fear moodlet, potentially saving your Sim some time. Great after a mummy encounter.

Helps you get through tombs by highlighting triggers in the current room. Ive never relied on these, as theyre a bit expensive. You may carry some around just in case you get really stuck but your results may not be as youd expect...

Unlocks shape doors, such as stars and crescents.

Stuck? In a hurry? This will teleport you to your current home (such as base camp)

Your Sim will find more Ancient coins than normal. A useful purchase if you can get it early enough for it to make a big difference.

China features several adventures that rely on the new skill it introduces to the game,Martial Arts. Follow the link to learn more about this skill. Pursuing mastery of Martial Arts is recommended for any Sim who is going to adventure a lot.

China brings a lot of new stuff for collecting. There are newred assassin bugsBamboo Straight Swift Butterflies and Yellow Band Dart ButterfliesJade and Lapis Lazuli and other gems, andmercury and platinum metals. To help you in your collecting efforts, Ive provided a set ofWorld Adventures Collecting Maps.

First note I have a growing list ofWorld Adventures Tips. There are of course dozens of Adventures in Shang Simla, but I want to highlight some of the ones you just dont want to miss. I wont go into all the minute details of the various steps in these adventure chains, but tell you what ones to take as soon as you see them available:

The first chain you can do. If you want to be able to smash boulders later, youll need to do this and a couple others to allow you to pick up. I had no luck getting this adventure to appear from the board when I was repeatedly canceling them until I had completed the Tomb of Discovery. It seems you always start with the same five, but since youll get visa points from any of those ultra-easy adventures, knock them out and dont look back. This also allows access to Halls of the Lost Army.

Constructing the Dragon Emperor Mini

A good one to eliminate early, as it offers fast and easy VISA points. The final quest in the line here will send your Sim looking for Red Assassin Bugs, which are very high value. You can spend a little time having your Sim gather extra bugs before you turn in the adventure and make thousands of Simoleons. This can go a long way toward funding future adventures.

This adventure chain is very good for any Sim who is going tolearn Martial Arts. Other Sims will need to do it to access the Resolute Fist Retreat for the Symbol there. When you get to the step in the chain where your Sim must spar, try to spar with the target Sim a few more times. Later, youll need to meditate for a few hours at the Scholars Garden and that requires level 5 martial arts to accomplish. If you want to save time, pick this one up before your Sims vacation is over and pursue the Martial Arts levels while theyre at home in between adventures.

This adventure chain leads to your Simgetting Pangus Axe. Follow the link for more information on this object and earning it. This sequence of quests is very important in that it will allow your Sim to clear boulders in tombs all over the travel destinations in World Adventures. For those interested in the China tombs relic collection, it also leads to the Symbol of the Hot Springs Cave.

This line unlocks Dong Huos Treasure Trove under the Shang Simla Market. It also leads to the Market Caverns where youll find the keystone. Both of these tombs have a Symbol associated, and there are some nice items to be found. This is also a rather short chain and provides great VISA points to push your Sim toward level 3.

This short adventure chain will lead to your Sim being able to fully explore the area under the Terracotta Army, known as the Tomb of the First Emperor. Again, good for completing the Chinese Tombs collection because it leads to a Symbol of the Tomb of the First Emperor.

This adventure starts a very long chain that leads your Sim toFranceand eventually Chateau du Landgraab. Upon returning from France with the keystone to enter the Dragons Maw (aka Temple of the Dragon), your Sim must reach level 10 of Martial Arts, break a space rock block and win a ranked sparring match to then take on Dong Huo. This one can be very long. Thankfully you will have enough time in France to complete the section ofChateau du Landgraab. Get inside the area and head to the Landgraab Cellar key door, which is oddly enough found in the tower accessible from the ground floor. There arent any hard puzzles once inside the cellar area, but keep an eye out for hidden doors. Clearing this area will lead your Sim to a back exit and a great nectar cellar area where you can collect every type of grape. Its worth grabbing them if your Sim is a gardener or nectar maker. Along the way, keep an eye out for the Signet of Chateau du Landgraab, part of the French tombs collection.

Note that as of the time of this writing my Sim did not need to becomeGrand Masteras the adventures text implied, rather he won a single sparring match. This could be bugged.

Shang Simla, China Relic Collections

Symbol of the Annex of the Resolute Fist

Symbol of the Halls of the Lost Army

Symbol of the Resolute Fist Retreat

Symbol of the Tomb of the First Emperor

China makes the following additional contributions to the twointernational relic collections:

Dropa Stone of the Vortex and Dropa Stone of the Sky

Tombs to Explore in Shang Simla, China

Only accessible during the A Curious Note adventure line after exploring the Market Caverns and finding Dong Huos Keystone, the Treasure Trove is appropriately heavy on the goodies. I found a total of three vases from the Chinese Vases collection, a Dropa Stone, along with a Symbol of Dong Huos Treasure Trove behind a hidden door after pushing the red statue down a hallway. To get through this place youll need four keystones that are scattered around the tomb. Upon finding all four, head to the final treasure room. Look for the switch behind the throne for an alternate exit.

This tomb is only partially explorable without doing adventures. In order to explore it fully, youll need the Keystone of the Dragon, which is acquired through a rather long quest chain that inolves a trip toFrance. See the Notable China Adventures section for Knowledge of the Past to learn more. This place is the tomb of Dong Huo and his mummy resides at its lowest level. There are many hidden doors in this place concealing multiple nice treasures. Stumbling across the Symbol of the Temple of the Dragon should be no trouble at all.

This tomb is only accessible if you accept the first pair of adventures, starting with Seeking Adventure, as they provide the required Keystone of the Neophyte. Youll want to do this as its the only way to get the Symbol of the Halls of the Lost Army, a part of the Chinese Tombscollection. The symbol is easily found at the end of the tomb.

At the top of the hot springs area, theres a boulder which can be smashed allowing access to a dive well. Youre sent here after obtaining Pangus Axe. In the final treasure chest, your Sim will receive the Symbol of the Hot Springs Cave. The puzzles here shouldnt give you too much trouble, and the tomb is rather small.

You can explore this tomb any time, but the Dong Huo keystone will only be present if you are currently pursing the A Curious Note adventure line. Access the Market Caverns by using the hole switch behind the market proper. Youll likely find a couple of relics for your collections in here. Look to the final treasure room, past the keystone door, for a hidden room. Inside youll find the Chinese Symbol of the Market Caverns.

Explorable during the Potent Signs of Potential adventure chain. Your Sim will need to learn Martial Arts to enter this place. If you want to complete the relic collections, youll have to do this. ThankfullyZeneport and Tranquil Transferencecome in handy during tomb raiding so its not a waste of your Sims time at all. There are numerous artifacts to be found here, the only unique one being the Symbol of the Resolute Fist Retreat, which is found after the flame hallway in a hidden room near the final treasure chamber. You may need to do some backtracking to get there as there are multiple paths that lead to the last room. But then, you should usually be trying to clear tombs of all treasure anyway, right?

The entrance to the Temple of Heaven is through one of the two small buildings in the complex. The first area youll be able to access is unlocked through the Confounded Boulder! adventure line which leads to the Keystone of Pangu. This section is home toPangus Axe, and should be something you try to unlock early so that your Sim gains full benefit of ownership of the Axe. The Symbol of Pangus Haven can be found through a hidden door near the stairwell with a table and candles blocking your Sims progress. Look around in that area with the walls up to find the section of wall you can inspect.

The second part is unlocked by starting the In the Aid of Monks adventure chain. Youll be able to explore a little further using the Temple of Heaven Keystone, but will need to fashion yet another keystone to make it all the way to the end. The final treasure room here holds a couple of relics for your collection and a Symbol of the Annex of the Resolute Fist.

Terracotta Army - Tomb of the First Emperor

Access this area by accepting the Assisting an Elder adventure. In case you overlook it, the entrance is actually at the bottom of the hill, through a staircase. Inside, there aremummiesso having some mummy snacks or Martial Arts skill will help to prevent gettingcursed. The key to the Innermost Chambers is found after the room with many traps and a pushable statue. Try to move the statue to the middle switch along the far wall in order to unlock the stairwell there. In the final treasure room, youll find the Symbol of the Tomb of the First Emperor along with the Dragon Spear your Sim seeks.

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There is a tomb in the Abandoned Barn too.Well its not actually a tomb but there are some ancient coins inside.

My sim is stuck in China! I have tried reseting her, but that didnt work! Anybody know how I can leave china without completely erasing what ive done?

Click on ur sims phone and there will be an opition to leave early

So I finished all the China tombs, but for some reason I didnt get the tomb Dong Huos Treasure Trove statue. Does anyone know how to fix this or get it? I tried going with a different sim in my family but the statue wasnt there.

I thought that I also dont have the statue, but then I found it (though I cheated to look for hidden rooms in build mode). There are two hidden rooms near the horse statue, one is accessible from two sides, with three chests and columns, but the other one has the Symbol. To get the symbol youll need to clear the way from rocks, it has a red lighted torch. The room is in a literal corner of the lot. Remember - horse statue - in front of it ;)

So, Ive tried multiple times to download World Adventures and every time it says theres an error that has to do with Caches. I have no clue what it means or how I fix it. Any advice or help?

2. If that doesnt help, uninstall/reinstall Origin

3. If the above doesnt help. Try asking about the issue over at

Giving as much detail as possible about the issue.

This article really should mention that items from other expansions (i.e. hover boards from Into The Future) cause some incredible glitching. So far my sim has nearly had 2 of his kids starve to death stuck on an impassible bridge, and another nearly die form being stuck in an impassible point in the Scholars Garden. My only recourse from these was to reload from a previous saved game.

I have completed some of the adventures in China, including getting the axe. I own a home now and I keep trying to check the adventure board but it wont give me anything? I tried going in and staying at the base camp and still nothing... Any suggestions??Try traveling home, saving your game then quitting. Then on opening your game and traveling back hopefully the adventures will have reset.

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